“Angels with dirty faces”

The Three Muses is one of the most fun challenge blogs in Blogland (IMHO!). Anything goes, every week and they have such a great sense of fun that it’s a real pleasure to take part. I try not to miss it!!

This week’s challenge is “Wings on Things”… I’ve made this digital collage, using winged inchies that I made for a recent swap. These little guys are on a really grungy background and I hand-drew their little faces, so that’s a bit wacky for the start. In truth, putting them in was easy compared to the hassle I was having with my Photoshop brushes and layers, but it all turned out okay in the end.

My fave “angel” is the one flying out of the skull’s nose – well, it would be, wouldn’t it? Lol! Credit to Silvia at Graphic Illustrations for the original background and brushes.


And I think this was one of the first Jimmy Cagney films I ever watched – reputed to be his finest performance! 🙂

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  1. Sandy

     /  August 19, 2009

    Oh wow this is magical.
    Really wonderful.

  2. Sorry, I have to say this. Can’t help myself. The little guy coming out of skull’s nose …. his name s’not Snot is it? I can only imagine how difficult it must be to make these tiny inchies. I love how you have placed them in wing-ed flying mode against the sinister skull. What an imagination!! S’not easy being creative but you have nailed it. Great work, Rosie.

  3. Fantastic! I love your little inchies flying in formation like the Red Arrows :o)
    Ali xx

  4. I have to admit I looked at this lovely background forEVER before I finally found the skull! It’s like one of those optical illusion thingies! Anyway, it’s a gorgeously artistic and creative piece, Rosie. Thanks for playing along with our challenge!

  5. Rosie, this is fantastic!!!

  6. A lot of art in a tiny space! Awesome! Hugs, Terri

  7. taluula

     /  August 19, 2009

    Rosie I am in AWE, such meticulous and beautiful work. Kudos and a very low bow.

  8. Stunning piece, Rosie.
    Looks fantastic.

  9. Love your digital collage,great work.

  10. I also had to look twice Rosie before i saw the Skull. When i’m honest ( I always try to be that) i read it by the comment of Bev.
    Then i went back to your image and YESS , then i discovered it.
    But isn’t is enjoying to play with brushes ?
    You mixed them so well together on a beautiful background and that cute guys !!

  11. Fun and creative piece Rosie really enjoyed viewing up close and discovering!

  12. Darn! My internet crashed while writing this the first time so I hope I’m not doubling up here . . .

    How lovely! Those little tiny faces are darling! And those gold wings – who wouldn’t dream of flitting about with gold wings? Lovely I say!

    Thank you for your sweet visit. I really appreciated what you wrote. I’m off to explore your beautiful blog a bit more!

  13. Fabulous and funny collage, Rosie!

  14. Perfect!!! :O)

  15. What a fun piece, Rosie. In spite of fussing with PS, your angels and background came out wonderfully well. Love the tiny gold wings.

  16. Gorgeous, Rosie…beautifully created. Hugs, Gayle

  17. I use photoshop CS4 Rosie.
    Maye i give you a tip ?
    How to use a quickmask you can read on my tutorial on my blog.
    Just click in my sidebar “Labels” on tutorials and there you can find it . (scrol down at saterday 18 april 2009)
    When you enlarge it , it’s easier to read.
    Abbout the lasso tool. Thats NOT my favorite !
    I’ts so difficult and you need a steady hand.
    To cut out images out of a background i mostly use a PATH.
    I wrote also a tutorial HOW to do that. You can find that just ABOVE the quickmask tut.
    Both need a little practice Rosie but please believe me.
    When you know these two things, Photoshop becomes simple to learn.
    Succes and if you have any questions…..just ask. Oke ??

  18. What a delightful background, Rosie, you’re doing marvellously with your digi art, love the fun angels!

  19. This is sooo fun!!



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