H is for Hands!

The Three Muses this week: “Give us a hand”… I work in my altered book (Alphabet Discovery Workshop) every so often and decided to play with paint, gesso and monoprinting for this challenge. Here’s a double spread from my book all about my hands, with little sayings and thoughts thrown in – along my fingers, etc!


I had fun writing things like: “I’m Cracklin’ Rose”… and the paste is fun!! I don’t think I’m a very good journaller – I can never be very serious… or maybe I haven’t found my “angst” yet! Who knows?


It’s pretty obvious how much I love my rubber stamps… these are from Home Impressions, Diva Impressions and MaVinci’s Reliquary. The hand I’m not sure about – except that it’s a set from Europe…

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else interprets this fun theme! 🙂

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  1. Rosie, I always enjoy your blog and your wonderful artwork and your piece on the “hands” theme doesn’t disappoint. I am in awe of all the work you have put it into but, of course, that is all worthwhile because the result is superb. Cracklin’ Rosie! Now you have been humming that tune in my head.

    It never ceases to amaze me that whatever the challenge is we see as many different takes as there are entries – never two the same or even close! I love this challenge!

  2. Wow, wonderful pages, gorgeous background!!!


  3. Very interesting & different take on the theme, Rosie, amazing pages, look forward to seeing more of your book!

  4. I love it. Your journal has to reflect yourself, if you’re not an angst person, why should it be serious? It would mean trying to be somebody else just to go with an “in” flow amongst journalers, wouldn’t it? Or did I get something wrong?

  5. brilliant work rosie!!!

  6. This just blows me away…it is utterly fabulous! I’m inspired by you…

  7. I spent forever studying your pages! Who needs angst anyway?! There’s little of it in my journal either. I love the “spirit with hand” quote. I hate those times when the muse goes awaay and the spirit does not talk to the hand. Thankfully. that certainly didn’t happen to you with this entry! Thanks for sharing a bit of your journal. We’ll hope to see more.

  8. Great collages about the theme “Hands”, Rosie! You have combined many things to a very interesting spread – and I like the personal touch in them!

  9. Fantastic pair of pages and of hands! I’ll have to come back to finish reading and looking!
    Ali xx

  10. Wow great collages about the theme hands!!!

  11. Who needs angst when we can celebrate humour? I prefer the lighter side of life myself. May your hands indeed always be busy creating little beauties like these!

  12. taluula

     /  August 26, 2009

    Well Miss Rosie, never get serious, art with a little bit of fun in it does us all good. These pages are wonderful and a true inspiration to me as I pluck up the courage to work with paper again.

  13. Journal pages are so personal – thank you for sharing a piece of your spirit! These pages are superb! Hugs, Terri

  14. I love this, very creative piece.

  15. Very interesting and creative collages, Rosie !

  16. Lovely, expressive pages Rosie- brilliant!

  17. Rosie, your pieces on Hands are wonderfully creative and fun. Looks like you had a ball doing them.

  18. Hey, since when did art journalling have to be serious?! It’s your art play time, you have fun 🙂 Love that hands theme 🙂
    Lovely to ‘meet’ you

  19. Absolutely gorgoeus spread!! love both pages.

  20. Rosie, these pages are wonderful! What a fabulous idea to use your hands in journal pages! I think I’m going to have to borrow this idea and trace my hands in my art journal! You are a constant source of inspiration! The well springs eternal! XOXO

  21. Who says art journaling has to be serious? That’s the beauty of this art form: journaling is about what inspires you in any way at all. What you’ve done here inspires ME; it’sedgy and raw and angst free!

  22. Hey, since when did art journalling have to be serious?! It's your art play time, you have fun 🙂 Love that hands theme 🙂
    Lovely to 'meet' you;. All the best!!


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