Ale for Alleycats!

TGIF 101 – “Funny animals”… brought out the ‘boozy cat’ stamp from Third Coast RS. I’ve been making ATCs this week for a swap called “The Stamp Moves”. We are 4 per group, making 4 ATCs with each stamp and then sending the stamps to each other in a chain. Once we have made all 4 sets, we send one from each set to the other 3 participants and keep one set ourselves. It’s really fun and so interesting to see how everyone uses rubber stamps differently!

So this little fella is a poser-cat, in his coat and top hat, holding up a glass of beer. The photo doesn’t do him any justice because there’s a lot of detail in the image…


I’ve also been making my first real handstitched book, despite not having all the proper supplies, because I just couldn’t wait any longer! I’ve been looking at all the books people in the Supernova class are showing and just had to get started. DD is quite fascinated by it and I have promised my first handmade journal to her when it’s finished – she even picked out the cover papers, so let’s hope I make a good job of putting it all together tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck with the book…bet you do a great job…

  2. Great ATC Rosie! I LOVE that stamp!! XOXO

  3. The perfect image for this theme..great card!!

  4. Sandy

     /  September 5, 2009

    Yeah this is fun.
    Fantastic design and work. Love them.

    Thanks Rosie for your funny animal to TGiF.

  5. great atc!!!!

  6. taluula

     /  September 5, 2009

    Rosie I love this and I love the idea of how you swap your ATCs. Brilliant.

  7. This is a wonderful piece of artwork!

  8. Great card and lovely colour, love it


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