Indeed I am Moonstruck!

In answer to the challenge this week from The Three Muses: I have always had a strange fascination with the Moon – La Luna Divina… and I am a Pagan, a practising witch, a healer and a teacher in my chosen field. I shouldn’t say chosen really, because what I do and teach within the boundaries of my spiritual life, is not what I’d have chosen, rather It chose Me!

I am a Piscean too, so a fish swimming with and against, the tide. What/who controls the tides? The Moon… While the Moon is waxing, or growing to reach fullness, I am at my most energetic and productive. When she is waning, past her fullness, I tend to old or unfinished business, complete projects and make notes.

Any new undertakings are always started during the waxing fortnight and anything to be discarded, released and let go, comes to pass during the dark fortnight. I identify with the Moon Goddess Diana – the Huntress, also known as Artemis, Cerridwen, Freya, Hecate, Selene and of course Isis – Triple goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Anyway, before I reveal too much and bore you all, here’s a double spread from my altered book.



All the stamped images are by Marina of Cherry Pie Artstamps.

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  1. It wasn’t boring at all but very interesting to read Rosie !!
    I find it always intriguing to read the thoughts behind a entry !
    Thank you for that!
    And about your journal pages…as always when i isit you, my mouth hangs wide open !
    Cherish your talent !

  2. Your journal pages are amazing and beautiful, Rosie! I love the colors! We must be on the same wavelength again. Usually we are both highly colorful, but this week we both chose to use these colors, and I LOVE the backgrounds you’ve done here!! Gorgeous! XOXO

  3. Has a real magical quality about it. Lovely

  4. I am convinced you posed for the La Luna Divine stamp! These pages are intriguing, as is the accompanying journaling, Rosie. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself along with sharing your talent!

  5. What mystical pages, Rosie, your book must become a family heirloom when completed, very interesting read, too!

  6. What a lovely spread!! Gorgeous stamps!!!


  7. taluula

     /  September 9, 2009

    Your journal pages are mystical and wonderful and beautiful to peruse Rosie. Bravo.

  8. Fabulous and mystical pages, Rosie!

  9. Beautiful journal pages! And your post was NOT boring at all! Hugs, Terri

  10. Great work again, Rosie! Fantastic stamps.

  11. La Luna Rosie- you divine goddess, love this as I do all of your work. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Fantastic journal pages Rosie! I too am drawn to the power of the moon and its natural sway in our lives. Its pulse is a driving force in creativity as splendidly expressed in your wonderful art work here!

  13. beautiful piece, I always love your work.

  14. WOW Rosie, all around wonderful!!!! I feel the glow of the moon now too 🙂

  15. Excellent journalling, Rosie. I wish I had the patience to journal by hand as you have done here.

    Beautiful and mysterious.

    Juli/Artist in Residence

  16. What an amazing, thoughtful piece! I enjoyed your written piece immensely and I love your journal pages which are so thoughtful and artistic. Great work, Rosie!

  17. These are beautiful!

  18. Very beautiful journal pages!

  19. fabulous piece Rosie – and you’ve used my favourite CP images.


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