My summer in Nice…

Scene: My study at home in St. John’s Wood, London

Date: 11th September, 1926

Dear Diary, I have to tell you what a wonderful week I spent at the Hotel Ruhl with Cousin Judy. We had never met before, just corresponded through relatives and then she decided to come to Europe and that we should meet at last! Imagine how excited we both were – two young ladies of independent means, with much in common and a zest for life and adventure!

I have made  a little “Time Capsule” to remember our time together in Nice… the sun shone, the cocktails were wonderfully intoxicating and the male attention all that a girl could wish for! We never stopped dancing or flirting!! It’s probably pure luck that we neither of us became engaged to some French Count or other! But at this moment in time, romance isn’t at the top of the list of things to “do”!

I so look forward to travelling to New Zealand next year to stay at the Hamilton Hotel with Judy… I am sure we shall have a grand old time and I shall take with me this piece of ‘Serendipity’.

I challenged myself to create a small ‘time capsule’, by altering a cassette case. All the small images are from The Little Purple Things sheet, the bottle caps and Fantasy Flower Rounds also from Ten Two Studios. I used alcocol inks and stamps from MaVinci’s Reliquary (latin text and serendipity).

The small ladies were mounted onto old blank black wooden dominos from a box in my stash The flowers were a RAK from a friend. As you can see from the photos, the insert is double-sided and can be completely removed. It’s 4″ x 2.5″ in size – just a bit bigger than an ATC.

In fact this is a project I completed during my summer holidays and my entry to the Blade Rubber Stamps competition, run by Susie Jefferson. There are some lovely prizes up for grabs – see  HERE for details. You have until 15th September to enter!

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  1. These colors are gorgeous and beautifully layered, Rosie! And I always love seeing more of your wonderful altered dominoes! Very innovative to do a time capsule! The background story is terrific! XOXO

  2. My dearest Rosie
    Oh you’ll never guess. What spiffing fun. Remember that charming young man we met that time when we were smoking cigars in the bar of the Ruhl? Well, I only bumped into him in Macy’s the other day. Since then he’s become a kind of stalker, bombarding me with tulips (I told him they were my favourites in a flirtatious moment) and little love letters written on cloth napkins he filched from the Ritz. He is rather charming. I wonder if we will marry!
    Got to go now, he is calling round to take for tea somewhere stupendous.
    Tootle pip

    • Lol!! Girl, you have made me giggle… what an imagination and such a flirt as you are, I am hardly surprised that he is stalking you! Do you have anywhere stupendous that he can take you for tea? If not, may I suggest cocktails and dinner at The Hamilton?
      Mush dash, dahling, things to do, people to see – you know how it is!
      Rosie (mwah!!)

  3. Rosie, your “diary” is fascinating. I kept hoping it wouldn’t end. I would love to hear more about adventures with cousin Judy. I’m not sure there were any young women of independent means in my family back then, but it’s intriguing to hear of such adventures of others.

    Your serendipity pieces are beautiful with such gorgeous colors.


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