Long, Tall, Skinny!

Not a latte, no, a handmade book from the fun online class I am taking at Supernova with Julie Prichard. It’s a great class and I am enjoying all of it… so much that I am not joining in as many challenges as I’d like!

I want to thank all the blogging friends who were so very sincere and accepting of my “Moonstruck” post. We are all different and sometimes our path is not one we’d choose, rather one that we are led to, so it was really wonderful to read what you all thought about me and my Faith. Thank you! xo

Anyway, here are some pics of this long, tall, skinny book we made in Class #2. The idea was to collage a book ready for painting and journalling, and use fabric to bind it instead of stitching… here’s the full gallery of the Long, Tall Skinny (Orange) Book:

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  1. Jacqui

     /  September 12, 2009

    Just wanted to say well done for completeing a journal – I am doing Julies course too and have book 1 sewn and PVA’d but without covers so far and book 2 I am still collaging pages as we speak – it takes me so long. Just watched video 3 and want to start that one too! Love your blog – have been following (via google reader for a while)

    • Thanks Jacqui! Looking at Video 3, I think all the ‘work’ is in the choice of covers… as Julie said herself, if you get it wrong, as on the video, it’s a lot of rescuing. I am loving her classes though – she’s a natural born teacher, isn’t she?! 🙂

  2. Fantastic journal Rosie- a work of art in itself!

  3. billiescraftroom

     /  September 13, 2009

    Hi Rosie

    Well done, what a superb book!! I’m very behind with class. I’m sticking to the Layer Love at the moment and will get into Part Two of Super Nova and come back to part one, when I have funds for supplies.

    So are you a bookbinding convert? Have you been bitten by the bug? Looking at your scrapbooking paper and deciding if it would make good covers?

    These classes are soo much fun aren’t they. I was always scared of failing with painting but since watching Julie and her giving me advice I’m loving painting now 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hadn’t realised video three was up yet. Will my connection make it on a Sunday???? Cross your fingers for me 😉

    Lots of hugs

    Billie 🙂

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