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GPP Street Team Crusade #33 is all about learning something new and…. I am! I am taking Julie Prichard’s Supernova Art Journalling Class I and II.

In Part 1 we are learning how to make 3 different beautiful, handmade books. Now that’s a challenge in itself as I have never dabbled in bookbinding before and the technical terms are enough to make you boggle-eyed to start with. Then we also had a few supplies issues here in the UK – not as many choices as the US students – but what a grand group of artists… we all managed, with Julie’s wholehearted backing, to share UK suppliers’ details, etc. and helpful links. A few of us have joined forces and shared the cost of buying in the journalling pens Julie cannot live without and we also have a sympathetic online Art supply company who are making sure that we can also buy the wonderful quality Fabriano papers that JP uses for her beautiful handmade art journals. All that spirit of cooperation because Julie is such a terrific and supportive teacher.

I took Layer Love earlier this year and Julie taught me to paint with acrylics and mediums and I learnt a huge amount, so when she said she was preparing an art journalling class for September, a lot of us cheered and said we were definitely taking part in that one too! So, some of the friends I made during the first class are back again, like me, for this Supernova Class. How cool is that? (as Michelle would say!).

I am not a class junkie, I haven’t the time to be… but I am a Julie Prichard fan – not in a sycophantic sort of way, but in the way that you are a fan of someone who can impart knowledge clearly, support you as a group and an individual and care that you are getting what you want from her Class. She’s no Diva when it comes to the classes and when JP says she’s here for me, I know that’s true and that gives me so much confidence.

Book 1 – a handmade journal I made using different materials from Julie’s – improvising till I get the hang of it – I gave to my DD and let her dictate the cover papers…

Next came the 2nd book, again improvised to make a notebook for a friend who’s back at college this week, and using experimental covers from another arty friend: I liked them so much I then asked my arty friend how to make them and learnt a new technique too!

 Then came the Long Tall Skinny book I posted HERE and the book I shall use for Class II, where we shall learn about Art Journalling. Book 3, the Fabric Book is a work in progress, which I am hoping I manage to complete this week. I have the fabric for the cover and the block is half-sewn… what an enjoyable experience this is…

Credits: Julie Prichard – for sharing her skill, talent and secrets and enabling me to acquire new skills of my own; Billie (Billie’s Craft Room) for sharing her knowledge of bookbinding and supplies; Julie (Jacksons Art) for excellent customer service; Fiona (UK Artswaps) who’s letting me have a sample of her very precious Japanese paper to paint on…; Sarah, who sent me needles, thread and beeswax, paper and a RAK!; and Stephanie, who let me share the costs of the AJ Pens; and all the lovely members of the Supernova Group 1 Class, for being so kind, encouraging and supportive of each other. So here’s what I am learning this month. It’ll be interesting to see what the other Crusaders are up to… 🙂

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  1. Fab Rosie – I don’t know where you find the time.

  2. Wow Rosie- I’m so glad you left me a comment and that I’ve found your blog! Julie’s site looks like one for me to follow up too:) Us Brit girls have to pool our resources eh?!

    • My pleasure Maz… and we are a super(nova) group!! Have a look at the class Maz – it’s really fab, just like Layer Love was! ;o)

  3. Rosie – I am impressed with your creations so far. I debated about doing Julie’s super nova classes but I haven’t even finished her Layer Love classes – I’m on # 2 and there are 9 as you know! … LOL. I’m impressed wtih your work to date — keep it up! You have the creative soul!

  4. Ahhhhh THANK YOU, Rosie- I could totally write this crusade and share how much I have learned from all of the students as well!


  5. I love your books! The cover of the second book really takes my interest. Just beautiful!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  6. Bravo Rosie! It’s so cool that you can take classes online – what a great opportunity to learn from our friend Julie! Great work!!

  7. Hi, I did the crusade too and am looking at everyone else’s. Love your journals you’ve made. Very lovely. And the tall skinny one is very nice too. I like how the pages inside are all collaged. Enjoy your journal-making! xoxo, Aimeslee

  8. Hi Rosie – how cool that you and your UK art-mates are able to link up. Thanks for showing us your handmade journal.

  9. looking fun! enjoy the classes.

  10. You books look fab darlink!!! It’s been too long since I’ve come for a visit! I’m elbow deep in beeswax and haven’t started on my books yet (what! naughty naughty me!) I certainly did enjoy watching Julie make hers and will at some point find a space clear enough to get cracking on mine! I can’t wait for the “journaling” part of our classes … you in for that as well?

  11. cool journals! thanks for sharing


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