Spill it!

I like Carmen Torbus’s work – a lot. I mean, she’s inspirational and “messy” too – gotta love messy because I identify with that. One of these days I’ll shoot a video and you can see and be amazed, that given my working conditions, I can still produce art!!!!

I want to take her online class. I’d love to take this class because it’s like a culmination of the other 2 classes I have taken with Julie Prichard – who taught me about paint, mediums and layers; who’s still teaching me about Art Journalling and who taught me to make fabulous books. They overlap a bit, and I am pretty penniless at the moment (about to lose my weekly part-time jobs, too), so if I promote “Spill It”, I get an entry into the draw to WIN this workshop…

…and then there’ll be NO stopping me!! So here’s Carmen, with a sneak peek at what she does:


And here’s why I want to learn this…


I want to be able to make that kind of art. Simples… 😉

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  1. I don’t think of unordered workspace as messy–as in “this needs to be cleaned up”. I love to build organizing systems for my space to keep my work flowing but I don’t like it to be without some ‘mess’. The mess is expression. The mess is a history of what I’ve done, successes and do-overs, the sense of activity and furthering my skill, the scene of accomplishment. I may actually blog about this tomorrow. This is the second time today I’ve discussed this–it’s a sign. So here’s to our scattered genius! 😉


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