Where Women Create – a prize!

I’m a pretty regular Facebooker – I love that it’s so easy to keep up with peeps that are important to you personally, aswell as artistically! I very much like Jo Packham and the whole ethos of  the “Where Women Create” magazine. Jo’s a very sweet, kind person and she comes across as a “real” person, just like you and me, which means that I maintain my interest in her doings, etc.

In August this year, WWW ran a contest, to win a very special bracelet, created specially for WWW… Here’s the question:

 What is your best marketing tip for a women’s home owned business?

My reply was chosen as one of the winners! Here’s what I wrote:

Visualise, plan and prepare. Set yourself realistic goals, know your capabilities and always respond as soon as you can to ANY query. Be friendly, enthusiastic and professional… and enjoy the journey. Just be aware of your time and organise it the best you can. =)

Look at the lovely package I received from Jo in the post this morning…



After opening my own Studio on Art Fire, I still feel exactly the same. I even joined a couple fo the Guilds on ArtFire – “We make Books” is one I really wanted to be in. It’s brand new and is for the bookbinders and makers who sell on there – cool, huh?!

I shall be posting some more art journals soon and perhaps writing a bit more on my blog aswell as playing show & tell in the challenges… just a thought! 😉

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  1. Awesome! Well done, Rosie!

  2. Fi

     /  October 2, 2009

    Congratulations Rosie! :0)


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