Breaking my silence


No words, except what I have journalled and outlined…

What do you think?

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  1. Powerful journal page rosie. I love it. I sometimes do this too, I know what I’m thinking and writing about-even if no one else really understands the thoughts behind it. But it seems to help me by putting it on paper anyway. And your right, listen to your heart and do what is best for you.

  2. Beautifully written Rosemary. I feel this same way…wondering if I’m good enough, artistic enough…am I strong enough to keep at my writing, my art, and follow my heart.

  3. GREAT enough =)

    Let it all go my friend


  4. Great combination of existing and written words! And I love the bird. And the overall look.

  5. I LIKE! It is beautiful, and I had just read your comments about feeling blocked about the writing part, so I am very glad to see you’ve started. It can be really difficult sometimes. Love the highlighted words. In unrelated (or not, maybe) news, do you have Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities book? I haven’t read it yet, but I expect it to open up some ideas for journalling for me. Maybe even taking one of the Notes as a starting point, when you receive one that really resonates…


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