The Journal Journey


It all started in May this year when I took my first ever online class – in fact, my first art class for over 30 years! I joined The Lost Luggage Network and started learning to paint with Julie Prichard. The Layer Love Class was where Julie introduced us to the techniques she uses to create beautiful, richly textured paintings and journal pages as deep as any sea!

It was all so new to me and quite honestly, a bit overwhelming. I was out of my depth at first – there were artists in the Group who really knew about colour and combinations. Me? Clueless! These people knew what ‘mediums’ were. Me? Obviously not psychics or clairvoyants, so what then? Again, clueless! And so on…

Well, that now seems a long time ago and these days I can tell you about the basic mediums, which I like (and, more importantly, why!) and I can explain to DH how he should be applying “x” and how to thin it, etc. etc…. So, I learned a lot and enjoyed the process so much, I joined the next online Class Julie is teaching – Supernova Art Journalling.

If you read my posts regularly, you’ll have noticed a slight change in format – I do more painting and pages than cards and ATCs, for example. It’s a “journey”, with a capital J! In Part 1 of Supernova, we learned to make 3 different styles of books – all of which I have shown here on my blog and on my Facebook page. In Part 2, Julie is teaching us tips, tricks and ways to journal, artistically speaking.  Just like the painting was, this is totally foreign to me and I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Journal writing per se, is what I do when I blog, because it’s simply “show & tell” where I show what I create and often explain the hows and whys of what I’ve created. I started explaining the inspirations behind pieces slowly this year and I am learning that I can paint and journal pages which are a little bit more revealing of my self – like telling you “Who I am” with a page in my art journal…

Anyway, I was so delighted with the journals I was making in Part 1, I took the plunge and opened my “Studio” (online store) on a month or so ago. Here are the latest 2 journals to make it into the store… (Should’ve been 3, but my friend bought it the other day!!)


See, not just layered, but collaged and stitched too! How cool is that?!! Here’s a closer look at the collaged bit on the front (yes, it’s repeated on the back cover too!)


And then there’s the Blue and Mauve Journal… yummy!


And those gorgeous Fabriano Mediovalis watercolour papers used to make the book block – superb for journalling, writing, drawing, sketching or painting! If you’re looking for Handmade gifts this Season, take a look HERE and see all the wonderful Books on offer… I have another book just waiting to be covered tomorrow and then I can start painting the next cover.

Any colour preferences? 🙂

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  1. Gorgeous as always, Rosie!! And you hint at something in your post that is so true about art: Our biographies are contained in everything we create. One only needs the eyes to see. XOXO

  2. ROSIE! What amazing looking books! The book cover paper looks PERFECT..I am happy to see we got that right..and stitching too?! Well done!!

  3. Gorgeous Rosie – I love the blues – so relaxing – I’d just not have any idea what to write in them!

  4. Rosie! These are stunning. I love them…and for someone who felt like they were in over their head, you certainly have soared far and wide in your creativity. Gorgeous,


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