Taking liberties…

All for the sake of The Three Muses “Give me a head of hair!”


Well, the head of hair is a tree from Dover, cropped to fit his head. The leaves are Photoshop brushes in autumn colours. The fancy brush bottom right is from a blogger who wrote a fab tutorial on making your own PS brushes – I made this from one of her images. Will link as soon as I find her blog (apologies) and the background is one of my art journal pages scanned in!

A bit of fun as I’ll be at market on my feet all day, although the weather forecast is fairly reasonable for Wednesday. I may yet come home without webbed feet! 🙂

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  1. Ah Rosie! Here in Oz it is early Wednesday morning and I am waiting for the arranged time (with Bev) to post this week’s challenge. I happened upon your Muses picture when looking at something else and I am blown away by the sheer happiness of it and the imaginative hair which is SENSATIONAL. I love it to pieces.

  2. This is great!! There’s so much to look at! I love that happy little guy holding the bird!! I love it all!!

  3. Doesn’t he look pleased with himself! I love the effects you have created here.

  4. Great job! The hair is gorgeous and the swirls are beautiful.

  5. What a happy little guy, sporting that unique head of hair. I see someone has already given him the bird, ah , er, that is I see he has a bird. This is fun, clever, and putting those brushes to very good use. Good for you, Miss Rosie!

  6. This piece makes me happy when I look at it!:):) What a great use of brushes!

  7. that little boy has some serious hair and he looks so pleased with himself! fabulous use of the brushes rosie!

  8. Fantastic Rosie, creatively beautiful piece – flowing and swirling with wonderful colors!

  9. wonderful piece Rose!!! He sure has some amazing hair!!!

  10. Gorgeous!!

  11. What a cutie! Love your brush work

  12. Great piece of work!

  13. taluula

     /  October 18, 2009

    This one brightened up my day Rosie. Simply a delight.


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