Corned Beef Hash!

That’s what inspired this altered jigsaw piece for Wednesday Stamper’s theme – Key *Keys! All the tins of corned beef here (that I have bought), are opened with these keys… Shame to waste it, no?


Stamp: Cherry Pie Artstamps. The background is acrylic paint in shades of ochre and burnt umber, mixed with a little acrylic glazing liquid and then edges are made using Neocolour II black crayon. The key is attached with thin copper wire. Fun stuff!

I can’t resist…SaWo this week is challenging us to Recycle it!! Gotta love Sandy’s timing! 😉

Check out my funky Day of the Dead Jewellery HERE… I had such fun putting it together! It’s at The Seventh Wave Gallery in Bude at the moment.

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  1. Love those keys, glad you didn’t throw it away. Your puzzle piece looks like wood, gorgeous!

  2. Sandy

     /  October 17, 2009

    Wooooooooow what a fantastic idea.
    Brilliant design and work.

    Thanks Rosie for your recycled entry to SaWo.

  3. Fantastic idea and beautifully created, Rosie. Wow !!!!

  4. This really is a gorgeous piece, Rosie. Isn’t it amazing how often we’re on the same wavelength? Accept abundance!

  5. Wonderful creation, great out of the box idea!

  6. oh, now that’s a clever take!! beautiul.

  7. love it!! beautiful piece!!

  8. brilliant puzzle piece (looks like wood) and the metal key is perfect with your Rosie wire and beads touch …

  9. This is great artwork! Compliments!

    Ciao ciao


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