Risque little book!

When I saw that Nancy’s theme this week at Gothic Arches was to be “Risque”, I remembered the Faux Postage Nudes sheet I had from Ten Two Studios and thought they’d make a cute little Gothic Arches booklet. It did prove a bit tricky as I am full of a cold virus at the moment. It just meant that I had to work quickly, before I lost my train of thought!!


A lot of stitching and very little glue… The rose bud broke off so I threaded a tiny vintage button onto the stitched stem, gluing the bud to that – problem solved! Those are metal washers on the leaves at the bottom, recycled from a card that was just too naff to survive!


The inner pages are recycled pages from an old book and I’ve outlined words to add interest.


The small stitched block in the centre holds the pages together – look Mum, no glue!!


A stitched piece wouldn’t really be mine without some “frays” on it, would it? This is the inside back cover, so a bit of planning required to line things up before stitching. Also, note how the charm is attached with a brad poked through from the back? Here’s why:


The tiny metal tab I have used to close the booklet was a RAK from a very good friend who collects “junk bits” she comes across and sends to me when she has a bag full! The heart brad is left over from 2 Christmases ago!

Do you see my 2 heroes – Harry & Giles? I had stamped these two characters (from Ria’s Home Impressions Victorian Plate) onto scrap book text simply because there was still a fair amount of ink on the rubber… I just knew these two boys would get into some project with ladies in it! 😉

Tips: I cut out the card shape first, on the fold plus a tab for the flap closure. Then I cut the arched book pages, leaving tabs for stitching in the middle. I created my pages before stitching them to the covers. Use minimal glue and avoid edges you’re going to stitch…

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  1. Wow Rosie unbelievabel …love it. Nice take on the theme.

  2. Your archbook is fantastic, Rosie. It looks totally fabulous

  3. Rosie
    what a fantastic book! Love the images and composition of it all…so clever! thanks for playing and hope you are feeling better! 🙂

  4. This is fantastic Rosie! And it was such a creative idea!

  5. Wow! Unclothed ladies everywhere! What a great arch book. Your artwork is amazing, Rosie.
    (PS – Yes, I live some 3,000 miles from the fire on the other side of the continent in Perth which is on the south-west coast. I know every one of those long miles because my daughter lived in Queensland for three years and I used to commute. It took six hours to fly to Brisbane and another two to North Queensland. The fires have started early this year but so far none in my part of the world, thank goodness. Thanks so much for your concern.

  6. Amazing work, Rosie, truly Amazing!

  7. Athena

     /  October 18, 2009

    This is fantastic and there’s a lot of nice work there.

  8. Great work on your take on risque! Gorgeous!

  9. beautiful archbook!!!

  10. Beautiful book Rosie – so artistic and inventive- lovely use of the images!

  11. Great little book, Rosie!

  12. Certainly risque, brilliant take on the theme, wonderful book Rosie and such a good idea.

  13. Beautiful work, Rosie! 🙂

  14. Definitely risque, Rosie…beautifully created arch book…love your guy stamps, the perfect addition! Well done!!

  15. Wow I love that, I love the idea of creating an arch booklet and all those backgrounds are fantastic.

  16. Fantastic I love your so lovely sexy book.

  17. Hi Rosie!!!!

    wow!!! these are amazing pieces…and very clever to create a book !!!

    Have a wonderful day….

  18. Wonderful arch book!

  19. This is what you accomplish when you’re under the weather! Fantastic and so beautiful Rosie!!
    Do hope you’re feeling much better by now, I have never been this late for a challenge 🙂
    Your wax paper will go in the mail very soon!


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