Long ago…

Lovely challenge from The Three Muses this week – “long agoand oh so far away…” just like the Carpenters song. Talk about flights of fancy! I chose to go digital because I am simply too full of cold/flu to go upstairs and get creative with paints, paper, etc. So, next best thing, I used one of my scanned in painted backgrounds and some excellent images from the Graphics Fairy.


DH was watching me manipulating the bird and made a few helpful suggestions on how to make him ‘pop’ even more! I used one of the artistic filters on my painted background and the glyphs came via an email this week – somebody trying to sell me a lucky bracelet! I figured I’d use the imagery and see if that works instead of buying the bracelet!!

It’ll be a long day, with a good chance of getting soaked again, then home, eat and back out for the Scrapstore Management meeting for the forthcoming Craft & Food Fair on November 7th. Roll on Thursday! 😉

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  1. fabulous coloring and layers Rosie!!

  2. WOW! The whole piece “pops”! Gorgeous color and layering! I love it! Take care of yourselves and feel better, both of you!! XOXO

  3. Lovely work Rosie – she really looks as if she’s listening to him!

  4. Great creation and that Raven certainly pops. Love the bit of text too, really adds to the piece.

  5. taluula

     /  October 21, 2009

    Oh wow Miss Rosie this is amazing, and yes the whole thing does pop, and I’m pleased you managed to recycle those gliphs in a very creative way. Go girl.

    PS : get well soon.

  6. Oh, Rosie, you found the most perfect image of the little girl with the rapt look of attention on her face, as if he really IS imparting nuggets of great wisdom. I love the prose that accompanies it all. Sorry you have a cold/flu, but glad you went digi so we could be treated to this wonderful piece! Be well!

  7. Very pretty interpretation of the topic.
    I like that.

  8. just lovely, rosie! glad to see you put those egyptian images to good use!

  9. Rosie, your picture is scrumptious – everything about it. The central image is perfect for the verse. Sorry to hear you are so ill. Hope you are back at your work table very soon, although I have to say that your digital expertise is fantastic.

  10. Beautiful composition – thoughtful and expressive. Wonderful layering and color Rosie!

  11. Rosie, this piece is excellent and brilliant! It looks so fantastic!

  12. Absolutely wonderful!!

  13. beautiful!! love the colors, the text, it’s just great!

  14. What a beautiful piece and the text is super!! love this!!


  15. It’s beautiful and mystical! Great take on the theme.

  16. Fee

     /  October 26, 2009

    I love it! The colours, the words, the pictures. The gypsy girl with the glyphs is very clever 🙂


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