RELISTED:BBC Children in Need Charity Auction

Every year, like millions of people across the UK (and beyond, I suspect!), I tune into the BBC’s Children in Need Telethon and enjoy watching outrageous performances, hearing inspiring stories and using a good box of tissues watching footage of children and Groups in communities, who have been helped along by this wonderful cause.

Read MORE about Children in Need and my auction in Handmade News. (Thanks Scarlet! xo)

This year I wanted to take part in fundraising too, so I painted this 12″x12″ mixed media canvas to auction for the charity.


It’s listed on Ebay in the Ebay for Charity section, HERE. There’s a full description of what went into this canvas, and you know me… I don’t do anything by halves!


There’s collage peeping through the layers….


Look how the light catches the colours from different angles…


All the sides have been painted, so it won’t need a frame and can go straight on the wall…


It’s completely sealed with tiny microbeads that you can touch – they catch the light completely randomly…


Am I selling you yet? 🙂


Please help spread the word – tell your family, friends, anyone you know who may like to own this original painting. Help me help the kids…

Happy Halloween to you all, I hope you have a wonderful weekend – I’m off out tonight and working a 14-hour day tomorrow, so you probably won’t hear from me again till Monday… xoxoxo

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  1. absolutely stunning piece Rosie!!

  2. Stunning piece Rosie – and so generous – hope it does well for you and for the children x

  3. beautiful canvas Rosie and for such a good cause
    the colors are gorgeous!

    hope your envelope arrives soon, I always worry when it takes longer than a week in the post!

  4. It’s gorgeous. You’ve got a beautiful heart, Rosie. Best of luck with this. May you raise a nice big chunk of money for those children!

  5. This is gorgeous!!!

  6. How SCRUMPTIOUS – the textures and colours are a sea to drown in (in the nicest possible way, of course). This is magnificent work, Rosie. I love it – a lot.

  7. Stunning piece, Rosie!
    Looks fantastic.

  8. taluula

     /  November 11, 2009

    Oooooooh this is a very special piece Rosie, gorgeous colours, beautifully tactile and overall mag….nif….icent. I so hope it goes for a BIG BIG price. Bravo.

  9. Very beautiful paintings and for an awesome cause. Keep up the good work!


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