Tweedledum & Tweedledee

For The Three Muses Pairs this week, finally I got to create again! Another in my series of Giant Jigsaw pieces… using an image from Ten Two Studios (Alice collage set), lots of layers of paint, my handcarved stamp and doodlings. It also fits with Theme Thursday’s Borders, edged in gold and black.


It’s been a helluva week… poor DH is really under the weather, with a kidney infection and now possibly kidney stone(s) on top of all that. No wonder we haven’t been feeling too creative at home, eh?!

On a kinder note, my altered Jigsaw Christmas Ornaments have made it into the Idea Gallery in the December issue of Craft Stamper magazine, featuring Home Impressions Merry Christmas stamps – yay!! [Click on the Home Impressions link to see them!!]

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  1. love your altered puzzle piece!

  2. Wow! I checked them all and they are beautiful. What a great idea!

  3. Great puzzle piece, love it!

  4. Fabulous puzzle piece with your tweedledum & tweedledee, Rosie!

  5. Ultra creative and clever!

  6. taluula

     /  November 5, 2009

    Rosie let me start by saying I hope DH gets well soon and that you both have some R and R.

    Second, Yay, and congratulations on getting published. Brilliant.

    Third, this is an absolute Masterpiece, and a very creative take on the theme. Very loud applause from my corner.

    PS – you are only late when it gets to next Wednesday :O)

  7. I’m chuckling away to myself because a lot of people confuse me with Bev and I have a habit of calling the two of us “Tweedledum and Tweedledee”. (We have been friends, from a great distance, for ten years or more and we sometimes think alike).
    Hey, it’s never too late at the Muses.
    I love your work, Rosie, and this is scrumptious. I love the idea of the puzzle piece. Fantastic.

  8. Oh… I love it. A grea idea.

  9. Love the altered puzzle piece idea- fantastic ! This one is particularly beautiful with its wonderful storybook pair. Lovely , creative work Rosie!

  10. Tweedledum here. Great puzzle piece, wonderful originality in all your work. You are one talented lady, Miss Rosie!

  11. great puzzle piece Rosie!!
    Hope your DH will soon feel better!

  12. lovely work, rosie!

  13. Oh what a beautiful artwork!!!

  14. Great piece!

  15. Love your altered puzzle piece, very beautiful..

  16. Absolutely gorgeous

  17. Beautiful puzzle piece and great idea Rosie!


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