Don’t Stop Me Now…

Apart from the fact that’s it was “Queen” week on X-Factor, “Music” is also this week’s theme over at Sunday Postcard Art, chosen by Cindy McMath. This is one of my faves by Queen – great to vacuum to! I’ve used a magazine image of a woman high-fiving a friend as my central theme. I’m not sure I really like this – it’s more Teesha Moore than me, but it was quite fun and I made a lot of mistakes, so a useful little piece of work, in all honesty.


All the hearts are metallic, which doesn’t scan well, so it’s a lot more vivid in real life. My horoscope for today did warn me that I would do well to avoid tiny details, so no surprise that I struggled a bit, eh?!!!!

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  1. Great piece, Rosie!

  2. Sandy

     /  November 15, 2009

    Yeah this rock.
    Amzing card. Love it.

  3. Rosie, here’s another one for you ‘HOW SCRUMPTIOUS”!!!! (Scrumptious means delicious, good enough to eat!).
    I love your postcard – a lot. It has so much energy and movement and colour. I don’t think it is all Teesha Moore. I think it is just Rosie being Rosie and creating her own wonderful artwork.

  4. taluula

     /  November 15, 2009

    Rosie I am so loving all your beautiful journal pages and this one is a corker. That’s one of my favourite tunes too.

  5. Fabulous postcard.

  6. Rosie, this is fantastic – she looks so joyous! A perfect illustration of the song. Love all of the details you added.

    Cindy 🙂

  7. I love this Rosie – it’s playful and so expresive- wonderful pop art!

  8. Great design, Rosie. I love your fantastic postcard.

  9. Wonderful art work!

  10. Love how you have portrayed happiness in your card, Rosie, fantastic take on music!

  11. Nice postcard. totally agree with the ‘Don’t Stop Me’ bit.

  12. Are all these your work? All I can say is AMAZING. Can we portray using recycled and harmful materials? I want to start my own paintings soon, but still looking for the right materials.

  13. I love this a lot, Rosie! Full of energy and happiness!! Great music too! XOXO

  14. lots of fun here! love it

  15. What a fun and funky postcard!! love it!!


  16. this is a delight! so full of joy! nice!


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