SaWo – Corrugated cardboard

I had some fun layering and stitching this little collage together. No glue was used and it’s 99% machine-stitched! I relented and sewed the top centre button on by hand, but I even managed to get the needle through the little “Hand made with love” heart charm! Patient, I was!!

Most of this collage is recycled stuff and the stamped birds are from the Home Impressions Grunge Plate. I stamped them onto handmade paper from an old Thai or Indonesian handmade photo album.

This is my entry to SaWo’s Corrugated cardboard challenge. Thanks for the inspiration Sandy! =)

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  1. Sandy

     /  November 21, 2009

    OMG Rosie this is outstanding. What a great collage.
    Fantastic piece of art. Love them.

    Thanks Rosie for your great entry to SaWo.

  2. Yvonne

     /  November 21, 2009

    Fabulous collage!

  3. What a wonderful collage, Rosie!

  4. An absolutely perfect response to the challenge, Rosie. You are SO good at putting together bits and pieces!

  5. This is fabulous, Rosie!! Beautiful composition and colors, and I love every element!!

  6. This is lovely. So much texture.

  7. Gorgeous Rosie! Love every stitch!!!

  8. barnie

     /  November 21, 2009

    Really beautiful. Handmade with love… I can see it. Just a wonderful compositon.

  9. This is really beautiful! Well done! Someday I would like to try this too. . .!

  10. This is fabulous….really love it! I so love the look of stitching — but to me sewing turns crafting into housework. Really great piece!

  11. I have been having this love affair lately with corrugated cardboard. It just has that earthy, grungy feel to it…but OH MY, at the beauty you’ve created with it here. Oh so very cool.
    Peace & Love,
    Craft Therapy

  12. Ohh this is GORGEOUS!!!!


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