With a flourish!

Sunday Postcard Art… use flourishes/swirls in your art this week. There are always some gorgeous postcards to see on this challenge blog and by the time I get around to linking up there’ll probably be about 40 entries! So, lots to see!

I seem to be going through a punchinella and machine-stitching phase at the moment, but then, who’d have thought that combining the two would be fun? I used a small image from Crafty Individuals Miniatures and a recycled postcard and lots of recycled scraps, as is my wont! The flourish is also one of my favourite CI stamps.

The stamped image is embossed and I thought it’d be fun to see if the fabric strips burned or melted while I was heating the EP. The only reason I used EP is because I had to heat the Ranger ink to dry it anyway and that always irritates me, so I might as well have embossing effects too… I am terribly impatient! Anyway, the fabric strips did curl up but they didn’t melt. (Can you hear the disappointment?!!) Next time I’ll have to use some of the kite scraps – they DO melt beautifully!!

I was watching Gary Reef cutting a huge rhino stencil this morning, in his studio, direct on streaming cam from Norway. He lives on a farm, in a forest, far from his native Oz, and we talked about magpies, buzzards and milking cows – and knitting!! Can you believe that? I manage to get chatting with an artist whose work I’ve admired for ages, and end up chatting to him about ‘country life’… oh and saunas! You may know Gary as “Capricorn Artist 73” on Youtube – fabulous, contemporary art.

NB: This is a recycled postcard from my local library in Bude. I grabbed a few during BBC Poetry season. On the back of this one is the following poem by Wendy Cope:

Some men never think of it.

You did. You’d come along

And say you’d nearly brought me flowers

But something had gone wrong.


The shop was closed. Or you had doubts –

The sort that minds like ours

Dream up incessantly. You thought

I might not want your flowers.


It made me smile and hug you then.

Now I can only smile.

But, look, the flowers you nearly brought

Have lasted all this while.

Flowers – by Wendy Cope

Well have a great Sunday all – I’m going to watch DD playing on the XBox and get some more paint layers down on various projects I’m in the middle of (no surprises there, eh?!). xo

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  1. Wonderful piece, Rosie. Your melting story and the poem are great!

  2. Sandy

     /  November 22, 2009

    Wow this is stunning.
    Great post card. Love them.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous

  4. What a stunning post! I love that you’ve recycled most of your materials and that you’ve included the poem. Your postcard is outstanding on many levels. Standing O! Hugs, Terri

  5. Gorgeous piece Rosie!

  6. I love your foray into stitchery. The results are so very creative. This is just beautiful and artistic.
    Do you really think it was a bird?

  7. Rosie, as usual I am blown away by your creative ingenuity (is that redundant or what?). I love the punchinella/stitching effect. You are so good with that sewing machine, which a lot of us aren’t, that I say: keep stitching those strips. If they scorch and curl so much the better, eh? Great piece. And how exciting to be able to communicate directly with someone you’ve admired.

  8. Love the use of stitching and punchinella together! And, that poem was so neat! Thanks for sharing.

  9. You’ve done it again, Rosie, another awesome masterpiece! Love your mixed media Art!

  10. Rosie, this is absolutely gorgeous! Love the sequin waste/stitching combination and your compostion is wonderful.

    Cindy 🙂

  11. Rosie, you create such awesome art! I LOVE this! The stitching totally makes this a superior card!

  12. I love this card and am inpired by your creativity.

  13. I LOVE this piece: the edgy black flourishes against the grungy neutral tones, as well as this wonderful poem!

  14. Simply AMAZING! Love your take on the theme, Rosie! Just a delight!

  15. Gorgeous collage! So many fun elements in it!


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