Art Creations Friday #52

Oh my gosh… 52 weeks of this challenge blog already??? Unbelievable… where does the time go? It’s amazing how quickly time rushes past, isn’t it? Well, I love ACF’s images and backgrounds – I use them primarily to practise my digital art… This week’s image is the iconic Marilyn Monroe. I practically annihilated her trimming and cutting, but DH came to my rescue and taught me something else!!

Then we discovered together how to flip my brushes! (Sounds almost sexy, doesn’t it?!!) And here she is, still looking for the ‘key’ to love!

The awesome background is from Elizabeth Golden – I just changed the colour! The brush is a Dover free sample image which I turned into a Photoshop brush – very cool!!

Good news: I’ve blogged at unartfully about our family strife, which has been resolved.

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 4, 2009

    Wow Rosie I´m speachless.
    This is perfect. Fantastic work.

  2. What a very beautiful piece, I love the colors grey and purple, very creative!!

  3. Wow this is gorgeous! great background!!!

  4. What a beautiful collage! The colours in particular are gorgeous. Nice work!
    If you’d like, please have a peek at My Marilyn for this week’s challenge. I also have a free downloadable holiday goodie too!

  5. What a perfect background!

  6. Its gorgeous Rosie

  7. This is lovely – great background, colours and texture.

  8. You made magic with the background and the brush, along with Marilyn, of course. It’s beautiful, Rosie. (I just read of your family trials and the end result. It looks as if you followed the exactly correct path, and thank heavens avenues were open to you. Bullying has become a problem in the schools over here as well).


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