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We’ve had a lot of those this past week – stopping smoking, change energy suppliers (for the better!), dealing with DD’s traumas, Nick’s ongoing health issues…. well, you get the picture!

In between, I have had to repair things, prepare Christmas posting for overseas, try and be organised with submissions, go to work and try to stay sane! Just like everyone else, I suspect! We haven’t even put the tree and decorations up yet! I know….

Here’s my altered page for this week’s Three Muses challenge set by Ann!!

Now that’s got to be mounted and posted off too! Deep joy! Images from Ten Two Studios.

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 5, 2009

    OMG Rosie your work is stunning.
    Unbelievable design. Love them.

  2. It’s looking great;o)

  3. Like it a lot. The combination of dark side figures and clowns is great.

  4. taluula

     /  December 6, 2009

    Oooooh Rosie this is inspired and very original and your talent shines through ………. and I can’t help but feel there is a story behind this little piece!!!!

    Listen my friend, don’t beat yourself up, I am now retired and have not yet thought of posting my Christmas cards abroad OR of putting up my Christmas tree. :O)

    Good luck with not smoking, if you manage, it will set you free.

  5. What a stunning piece, Rosie! How you found the time to do it is a mystery but I am so glad you did. The background is scrumptious and the overall design is so clever and creative. Great work.

  6. love this Rosie!! All those shapes and colors are the best!!


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