Just messing!!

I had some fun with Art Creations Friday 53 image and a host of brushes and other effects in Photoshop this afternoon. I also needed a break as I’d been working on some very tricky projects, finally got finished and then realised I hadn’t checked the colours on the assignment and had to start all over again… grrrr! That’ll teach me, won’t it? *rolls eyes*

We have a fishing buddy of Nick’s staying with us for the weekend so we’ll be braving the cold tomorrow for a few hours. Maybe I’ll have the catch of the day to post tomorrow?!!

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  1. Beautiful digital creation.

  2. This is quite intriguing. Love what you have done. The leaves here are falling just like in your digital.

  3. great collage, love the ‘bushes’and leavs in the background!

  4. Beautiful, with great colors, I love it!!

  5. Its gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful digi. creation!!!

  7. Love your triplets, Rosie. Hope your weather is warmer than ours. It is just a tad below freezing at this moment and should be even colder before dawn. Happy fishing.

  8. So beautiful how you’ve incorporated three separate effects into one digital piece, and I love the transition from hazy to clear! That image is wonderful! As always, beautifully done, Rosie!!


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