You gotta love the Crafty Crew!

I belong to the Inkjet Transfer Group on Yahoo, and over the last couple of years have ‘met’ the most interesting people – artists, crafters and really wonderfully helpful folks.

This morning, in my Daily Digest, there was a link from Bridget Matros which had me doubled up with laughter… If I can get this video to embed properly, you’ll see why. This is the Musical Version, but there’s another, equally funny, rap-style, Craftygangsta video to watch too. Enjoy!!

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  1. This had me snorting with laughter!! Yesterday when I got the email (I’m not on the digest), I sent the link to Kelly and she immediately posted it to FB. A second later, she had found this one too and posted it also! I responded on my blog to the comment you left about the video I posted, and urged people to stop by here and see the one you posted also. These are great!

  2. Thanx fo’ watchin’ this my crafty peeps. Nobody keeps it real like tha mutha craftin’ inkjet transfer group…except fo maybe, tha altered art and stuff crew. BAM. Spread the crafty word homies.

  3. omg hilarious


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