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The Three Muses have chosen Mail Art to challenge us with this week. After a few days of finishing off projects, posting artwork off and all that sort of stuff, plus poor DH being in the wars with an abcess and a cracked tooth, I was anxious to get painterly (and messy, I admit it!)…

Whilst tidying round last week, I came upon my first “art journal”, 8×8 format book, which I’d started last year. I realised, looking through it, how much my style has changed, how much I have evolved and that with fewer words, I can now express myself better! Very revealing…

So, I didn’t want to alter an envelope or mess with postage people – I’d had enough to do with the Post Office this week already!** Instead, I brayered and painted a couple of background pages and collaged this one with a super nude image from the remains of my Ten Two Studios images. I can just imagine her waiting for a ‘billet-doux’, can’t you?

I really like the white inkpad on here and the subtle gesso, combined with the background layers and the bright Neocolours. Thanks for giving me the excuse I needed to let my mojo out to play, ladies!! xoxoxo

** I know it’s almost Christmas, I get it, honestly! But the way people in Bude are ‘abandoning’ their cars just to get into the local Post Office verges on anarchic! I’m just surprised that nobody has had a’ road/parking rage’ incident down at The Crescent! I’ll have to take photos… it’s just ridiculous!! Again today, the cars were parked 2 deep at the bay outside the Post Office, even a lorry had done it! I mean, it’s actually on the corner of a fairly busy junction – I swear, the world’s gone mad!

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 16, 2009

    Wow wow wow wow wow and again wow.

  2. Oh Rosie, you have excelled yourself here (and that is saying plenty). This is a real work of art and definitely frameworthy. I love absolutely everything about it from the richness of colour, marvellous background and little touches, like the circling of the texts.
    I loved your story about the madness of Christmas in your world and the problems with getting in to your post office. I live in a place where there is space and usually somewhere to park within a short walk to wherever we are going. I have visited the UK a few times and always marvel at how people manage to navigate and find parking in the narrow streets of old. Once we stopped in a village to study a map as we were lost. All of a sudden a figure loomed large outside the car window. A huge and intimidating parking inspector (a lady) appeared and gave us a right royal dressing down about daring to stop in her village. No doubt we were on the dreaded yellow lines. After frightening the dickens out of us she smiled sweetly and sent us on our way with very good instructions for finding the place we wanted to go. A very good example of an iron fist in a velvet glove!

  3. fabulous art Rosie!! so much to see!!

  4. taluula

     /  December 16, 2009

    Rosie I’m with Marie here, you have excelled yourself indeed. This has to be one of your very best.

    Is it Christmas? Ha ha ha, I know how you feel, if we are not queuing in the Post Office, where it would be an idea to take a picnic lunch for it time it takes to get served, we are viewing what seem to be trolley dashes, with people grabbing everything from the shelves at lightening speed, like the shops will never open again, and, almost fisticuffs and aisle range in the supermarkets. My goodness, it’s good it only comes round once a year.

  5. johanna

     /  December 16, 2009

    this piece is GREAT!!! (despite all the trouble…)

  6. This artmail card is incredible.
    The details are very very nice.
    Love them, Rosie!

  7. Such a stunning creation, Rosie!
    Beautifully presented!!
    Hugs and holiday wishes!

  8. What a wonderful and uniquely creative entry, Rosie. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve done with our challenges. Your description of the post office hubbub made me smile. I had occasion to go to the post office just yesterday, dreaded it, and to my surprise got an up front parking space, and was only third in line to the window! I was stunned — not to mention grateful. The postal worker took time to smile and wish me Merry Christmas as well. It was a good day! I’m paying it forward

  9. This is stunning, I love the colours and the few words telling so much

  10. Rosie!!! this is fantastic!!! I love it….so many wonderful details….

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  11. barnie

     /  December 16, 2009

    Fantastic interpretation, love all the details.

  12. allmimsey

     /  December 16, 2009

    Love your work here…I can just imagine the “mess” involved in bringing all this together, and I envy it. I need a messy day soon!

  13. Wonderful , wonderful piece Rosie – so inspired- I hear ya on the Christmas craziness- best to you during the holidays!

  14. Very cool piece, I love all your elements…thanks for sharing this great piece! 🙂

  15. Sheila

     /  December 17, 2009

    Post Offices – wonderful. I went into my local PO on Monday morning. They were telling customers no second class stamps until Wednesday!!. Glad I didn’t need any. I was sending a package to a crafty friend in Germany.

  16. Thank goodness for the art that helps us retain our sanity, right? Tenuous though MY grip is!

    I love this page, Rosie, the brown and teal with white is stunning. Take care of yourself and indulge your desire to paint as often as possible, dear girl.

  17. Wonderful collage Rosie!

  18. This is a stunning collage! Love to look at it and a great inspiration!

  19. Cool entry

  20. Great piece of work!

  21. Hi Rosie!
    I love this background and page, and especially your statement about finding your art journal and reflecting with it regarding your style. I love art journalling for this very reason!!
    I’m on holiday so will be bloggin’ and artin’ like crazy 🙂


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