Christmas week…

TMTA is a challenge I don’t often enter, but this week, we’re to make an ATC with one of the lesser characters of Christmas, like elves, reindeer, etc. I think that’s rather charming… and as I had a few minutes spare (waiting for DD to get ready so I can drop her into town!), I got out my Doodly Christmas stamps from Home Impressions and had a bit of a Reindeer-holly-Ho Ho Ho play around.

The background is newspaper on cardstock, smooshed with primary colour acrylics and then gesso applied randomly through punchinella and spatter for fun! I managed to find a part that looked “snowy” and here’s the result:

I think my old Kodak has almost given up the ghost now… I only managed to get one pic and that’s not really brilliant, but you get the idea? The holly berries are Anita’s 3D red paint, which I love using, but it does take a good 12-24 hours to dry!

No snow here yet, just the odd sleety shower, but I am glad as I have 2 days of very early starts at market this week and a fair few miles to travel in my little red sleigh  car… I have my snowman earmuffs all ready and Tess’s Santa hat with plaits and a bell for her to wear – we shall have fun I think!! 😉

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  1. This looks really like fun!!

  2. What a funny card, Rosie! A reindeer on wheels! I wish you’ll get some snow for Christmas so Santa can travel with his reindeers and sleigh!

  3. barnie

     /  December 21, 2009

    How wunderful, love the doodle reindeer and the holly berry.

  4. super, wirklich einzigartig!

  5. Beautiful, Rosie. I think your primary colors are gorgeous. I guess I didn’t read carefully enough about the instructions. I missed the adjective: lesser. Oh, well. The sheep in my piece can pass for lesser, I guess!

  6. I love the yummy colors! That’s such a fun stamp! I love the wheels!! Glad you’re all ready for the holidays! Everyone is finally on holiday at our house, and now I can begin! A bit of a late start, but it will be fun! XOXO

  7. What a wonderful and fun reindeer! I love the paint too.
    There is nothing more fun than playing in paint.

  8. Lovely!


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