Home, sweet home!

The Three Muses…. Home Sweet Home. I have never had roots per se, so the traditional image of home and hearth means very little to me. I understand the concept and I have tried it once. Nick and I bought our own home back inb 2001 and we did all the usual things – paid the bills, insurances, renovated, redecorated, turned the garden into a little oasis (well, it was only about 14 feet square, so most things grew upwards!) and it was fine for a few years and then we were ready to move on…

I think the whole selling process was so very stressful and drawn out, at the mercy of all and sundry, that it put me off for life. I discovered I have a very strong ‘wanderlust’ and as such am never going to be ‘rooted’ to any one place. Nick too, has lived in many countries and absorbed many cultures, but has trouble settling! So really, for the pair of us, Home, Sweet Home, is wherever the other one is at that particular time. Wherever we live, we are ‘at home’, as long as we’re together. DD may well turn out to be more conventional – who knows?

In any event, who organises all that? Me!! Ergo, I am a human Home Hub – like a lot of women, I expect… “What’s New?” depicts that in a very loose way.

Just a few more words to add – the TM influence is helping me to doodle in colour and more freely; who’d have thought I’d find someone with the same surname in a randomly cut out piece of pink text from a magazine? And thank you to Ann, Marie and Bev for a wonderfully “anything goes” weekly challenge this year. It’s been fantastically refreshing to illustrate the challenges in such varied formats and the wonderful camaraderie we’ve all developed via blog comments is something to treasure.

Merry Christmas and warm wishes to everyone, however you celebrate the ‘silly season’. I am happily enjoying my new artbooks – my seasonal indulgence at Christmas!! xoxoxo

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  1. Your point is well taken (and beautifully illustrated), Rosie. I like your TM-ish piece, and I like that you shared your personal thoughts on the meaning of home. I once wrote an essay comparing our modern lives with those of the native Americans. I commented, among other things, that the Indians didn’t have to commute to work, they were already there, that their teepees marched in identical rows and they could move an entire village overnight! I rhink it ended by saying “I just might like to stand in some pristine forest glade and say ‘Your teepee or mine?’ ”
    Thank you for your kind words about our challenges. We are ALL enriched by the generosity of spirit and talent of those who visit weekly!

  2. What a fabulous piece, Rosie. I think nothing is wrong with wandering. Until now I lived in Holland (in 9 different places), in Costa Rica and in Spain (Tenerife)…
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  3. Though not being a wanderer at all I like to hear from wanderers. You inspire and make me think. Thank you for that. I love your art piece. Happy Holidays!

  4. Sandy

     /  December 25, 2009

    Yeah wow this rock. Absolutely brilliant.
    Fantastic idea. Love them.

    Happy Holidays my friend.

  5. taluula

     /  December 26, 2009

    Rosie I live within a 10 minute walk from where I was born, and except for a short 12 month blip, I have lived all my life so far in one small town. I would love to ‘up sticks’ and wander, but the pull of a large family and an ageing parent keeps me anchored, though we have promised ourselves that retirement will bring us freedom to roam. Let’s hope so.

    I love your TM inspired piece, it seems she is a one woman inspiration machine for lots of us.

    Thank you so much for your lovely words about the Muses, and it is so heartwarming to know that what we set out to achieve with our little challenge blog appears to be happening.

    Thanks for your participation over the year Rosie and wishing you a happy festive season.

    • I do understand that Ann: We only got responsibility when DD was about 7 y.o.! Now we can’t wait for her to get the GCSEs done and dusted so we can plan winters abroad! I hope you achieve a happy, wandering retirement! ‘o)

  6. A fantastic piece, Rosie, and an inspired interpretation of your home situation. I love the foggy face which seems to be going in different directions.

    I am late with Christmas greetings but I wish you and your lovely family a very happy New Year.

    Cheers from Marie.

  7. I love your interpretation of Home Sweet Home….wish I was a little more free spirited!

  8. Thank you so much, Great information… You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.


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