Unlimited Inspiration

Blogging and joining arty communities has provided me with unlimited inspiration since 2006. I have ‘met’ so many amazing people, artists, crafters, bloggers, photographers, experts in many fields that it’s mind-boggling. These days, it really doesn’t matter where in the world you live – you have access to anywhere.

With that in mind and that it’s Sunday, I have created a postcard for the open theme at Sunday Postcard Art and Wednesday Stamper. It seems I am not alone by any means, as there are many entries to be found. I also created a watercolour abstract landscape which my DD thought was so good, Mum couldn’t have done it!!!

The image is from Ten Two Studios and I have taken a few liberties with it! I tore the top and bottom off – “Muse” and “Unlimited Inspiration” to position them elsewhere. I have used pens to doodle liberally, parts of a Stampington Stamp, and an altered NG magazine page for my background.

It looks – to me, anyway – as restless as I was feeling when I sat down to start it. That may have been because I was waiting for the background watercolour wash to dry… Here’s that landscape I mentioned:

I added it to my work on Red Bubble where it’s available as a card or print.

I am also destashing at the moment, so have listed some of the items I no longer need or use on a new site – Heavenly Auctions – cheaper than Ebay and far friendlier!

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 27, 2009

    Oh Rosie your work rock.
    These are incredible. Brilliant work.

  2. fantastic pieces – congrats to your dd!!

  3. Great art. Is it just me, or is your work growing by leaps and bounds?! The landscape looks as if it should be hanging in a gallery!

    • Dunno Bev… I’m having a lot of fun with it though!! And thank you for such a lovely compliment! xo

  4. gorgeous card

  5. You’re an great artist, Rosie! I adore this piece.

  6. Wow Rosie, these are both so gorgeous, and each one so unique! I love the postcard – so much going on, and yet it all just works together beautifully. The landscape is also lovely – so colourful and “free”.

    The comment from your DD strikes a chord with me – I hope to get that compliment from my son one day! 🙂

    Cindy 🙂

  7. Both are absolutely gorgeous!!! WOW. Wishubg you a happy, healthy and creative newyear dear Rosie.

  8. Fantastic quality stuff ! Love them !

  9. Brilliant creations dear Rosie!
    Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas!
    Sending every good and special wish for a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


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