That’s Beth’s chosen theme for today at Mixed Media Monday… so I decided not to create something ‘new’ for this challenge, but instead, I turned to an unfinished page in my altered book. It had a layered, brayered, image transferred, grungey background ready to be finished – the ideal ‘leftover’ base!

It’s not hard to find scraps on my deskspace at all – I am so untidy and always have 2 or 3 ‘things’ on the go anyway! The big birdie was painted onto a watercolour background I didn’t like, so he was duly cut out and stuck down on this page. I decided I had to put him on a branch, so I opened up one of the books I use for text and gathered all the leftover scraps from previous cuttings and stuck them down as branches. I was quite careful about which side I stuck them down because some of the words were very important…

I was making zetti-style ATCs yesterday and had punched out teardrop shapes from the same book, so I used those as petals. A bit of judiciously applied Neocolour crayonning and smoothing out with the brush and I was ready to doodle and outline. My thoughts are as follows (and if you don’t want a tea/coffee break, I suggest you stop reading now!):

In 2009, I became obsessed with becoming an artist. I believed that to be successful, you have to sell a lot of your work so that you can become a ‘proper’ artist and do it for a living, so I set up my shop on Artfire.com and went about networking, marketing, etc. etc. That was in the summer last year. I had 3 or 4 part-time jobs aswell as a family, pets and a house to look after. How did I manage to juggle all those balls without dropping them? I have no idea, but in truth although I may have become an excellent juggler, I lost my way a bit too…

I still have pieces of cutlery and some other work in the Gallery and my wacky jewellery is in my friend Lyn’s shop in Bude. I have all my larger items ready in boxes for when we start up at Tintagel again. I have stopped making journals as I still have a few ready, apart from those I have ‘gifted’! Looking back on that, I realise I have plenty of “stock” and there’s no need to make any more at the moment. I was also too tired to do any Christmas Fairs, believing, like a lot of other “Handmade sellers”, that people were bound to shop online and we’d probably sell out in the run-up to Christmas… Wrong!

So reluctantly, I took a cold, hard look at my art, my shop and wondered why I was unhappy with it. Truth? I was also submitting regularly to magazines as part of my Design Team duties – in the end I quit Ten Two Studios because I was too tired to do the position justice! – but it was good discipline and I am published again in the latest issue of Craft Stamper magazine – woohoo! (although not online this time…)

I am not Superwoman – no, really, I’m not. I stopped enjoying the process of creating art at one stage and when I started painting pages and experimenting with watercolours late last year, the penny finally dropped. I like the doings… not the repitition. I am a free spirit and I love the weekly challenges and prompts. I love the community of arty bloggers and online friendships. I like being a part of all that so very much. I like being accepted and asking for help when I need it (like when DD was having all the problems at school with bullying…). I like being supported and supportive; I love it when someone sees something I created and says – “Ooohh, I’d love to be able to do that!” or, “Wow! I am inspired to have a go at that now – thanks for sharing how you did it!”

So, my mantra for 2010 is going to be “Balance, Harmony and Encourage“. I haven’t yet worked out the WORD I am going to use for 2010, but I have a worksheet to help me define it and I’ll let you know when I decide what it is, so you can understand why and how I arrived at that. Face it, it’ll probably be quite amusing, knowing me!

Gonna shut up now, because I’d hate to wake anyone up!!!!

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  1. Sandy

     /  January 4, 2010

    OMG this is oustanding.
    A big applause Rosie for your wonderful work.

  2. OK, so first we’ll comment on the artwork – well actually, yes you do inspire me. I love the little birdie. I’ve been trying to come up with a new angle to some of my art and birds may just be it! He looks very smart in his hat. How on earth did you get him to pose?
    Second, comment on the rest: sounds like you’re doing a good impression of superwoman to me! Think at what you’re cramming into your life instead of slobbing out on the sofa and watching Eastenders (although you may manage to squeeze that in too – who knows?). I found blogging last year and rediscovered my paintbrushes. I agree totally – it is so wonderful to be a part of this supportive community – a wonderful bonus on top of everything else. I’m rambling now so I’d better shut up! Great art. Keep up the good work.

  3. Yvonne

     /  January 4, 2010

    Love, love it!

  4. Totally awsome!!! love your leftovers

  5. I am SO with you on this. I had too much on my plate in 2009 and scaling way back so I can explore and enjoy. Love your leftovers.

  6. pat

     /  January 4, 2010

    Bless you Rosie, the penny finally dropped, original it’s working and loving it. OWL.

  7. Hey, Rosie, I read every word! I love your work. It is more off-the-wall than I do, but I enjoy what you make, mainly because it IS different from what I can do. I am amazed at all you accomplish. This crow piece is a great use of your leftover scraps of art. If my shoulder didn’t hurt so bad today, I’d say more. Only one thing, we both used “judicious” in our write-ups today! I never use that word. When I saw you had also used it, I had to comment on that coincidence.

  8. great post dear Rosie, I concur about bloglandia and it’s kind inhabitants!!!! Your mantra is excellent
    Balance is my word this year … always seeking balance … whatever THAT is 🙂
    Your alt bk page is wonderful with so many layers, splendid take on the leftover theme!

  9. Your journal page is very beautiful and the little bird so sweet, love your work.

  10. mixedmediamonday

     /  January 4, 2010

    It’s such a beautiful page, Rosie. I’m so glad the challenge prompted you to finish it. Very creative! Diane

  11. Girrrrrll, with you! First of all, let me say that I really like this piece. especially the text branches and the bold black bird against the moody blues and purples. Next, i have to say that I have never been able to produce actual art for the purpose of selling. I discovered in college, while I was majoring in commercial art, that I could not be a commericial artist. My work, during that time, was souless and mediocre. When I’ve tried to make art or crafts for fairs, over the years, it has become a tedious task, even if my work sold. To me, art is all about feeling, especially love. When I create art for gifts, I have fun, and, inevitably, I end up being pleased with the result. Creating for the sheer joy of it, like for challenges, works for me too. Now, I admit that it is very validating when someone likes my work enough to purchase it. In fact, it’s thrilling for my art to mean something to another person, but I can’t make it for that purpose. So, I think you’re onto something, Rosie-girl. I know this is a long comment, but your words today really struck a chord with me. See… THAT’S what art is about for me; finding someone who understands what’s in my heart and mind. Like you!


  12. simply a FAB collage!!!

  13. Love the journal page and have to agree with the rest of your post…..had a conversation with friends at New Year about this…….I fear that unless one is well connected/living in London/or perhaps has the name Damien Hurst……there is little hope of making a living from art…..too much Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome making unworthy art worthy…..good on you to create for creatings sake….personally I think it is the only way to be artistic….but what do I know! LOL
    Best wishes…….xoxo

  14. That’s some leftovers!.. fab stuff!

  15. Hi Rosie! What a wonderful piece and what a wonderful intention for 2010! I love learning from you (you are the reason that I tried beeswax in the first place and yes, the smell is delicious!) and I love how you describe your creative process. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope that you and your family have a very happy New Year! Kristin xo

  16. Great use of leftovers, wonderfully done

  17. Rosie I love this page. What a great idea to begin with a ‘leftover’ base 🙂
    The bird and the branch are brilliant 😉
    Happy New Year dear one!


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