Collageplay with Crowabout#61

I joined Nancy Baumiller’s Crowabout collage group last year and only got to join in a couple of times – too much pressure, lack of time, etc. so Iam making up for it this year!! I used the current sheet to complete this double page spread in my Long Tall Skinny Art Journal…

So, Happy New Year to the group – this year I shall “make more time for tea & friends, for wishes, dreaming and use those 365 days/ways to live artfully”!

We continue to have severe weather here in our region too. We’re seeing more snow than we’ve experienced for over 30 years, and it’s very hard for the rural communities to keep going… I am really grateful we moved back into a town last year, to be honest. Nick and I had a couple of appointments today, but couldn’t get out because it was -6 degrees and the roads were still frozen. So, we made phonecalls and stayed put. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little warmer and DD will be back at school too.

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  1. He is great! We have snow and cold weather also, take care;o)


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