“Balance” is the word!

I was so taken by my blogging buddy Alberta’s last piece of art (it really is so gorgeous!), that I went and had a look at One Powerful Hour. I have never taken part in any of their challenges before because I felt intimidated by the whole “creating art and ‘cleaning up after yourself’ in an hour” thing… but as I am now a bit tidier, and since my focus shifted recently more towards paints, I thought I could probably achieve something quite reasonable in an hour!

My “Inspirational Word” for 2010 is “BALANCE“. It was the decision I made at the turn of the year as my way forward. I am trying to retain my love of grunge and stamps, but also use more colours and less contrast – a little less of the bold as hell black and white doodles. I shouldn’t have to make my pages “shout out”, I could go deaf! After all, the art journals I am creating in are here in the same room as me!

It’s also interesting to see that I can create pages/spreads I like using different colour palettes. Green is far from my favourite colour, but mixed with yellow, it’s not half bad! I do like Olive green though – not sure if that’s because olives are so yummy though!

Stamps are 99% Home Impressions Gothic Arch and Grunge Plates; the text in the background is MaVinci’s Reliquary latin text.

I think that’s enough about colours for one blog post. My artspace is pretty tidy too, so maybe that One Powerful Hour has already had a tiny psychological influence on me…

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  1. Yvonne

     /  January 9, 2010

    I love this Rosie!

  2. This is stunning, and made in an hour??? I love green, it’s one of my fave colours to use, this is really lovely Rosie, I love birds too……and black…..just all of it really!!!

  3. I’m so envious of how unrestrained this piece is. I really have to force myself to let go when it comes to composition. Color, not so much, but I still labor too much over composition. This, however, seems very intuitive, and it’s wonderful. Like you, I adore a bit of grunge and A LOT of black!

  4. I really really love green, plus the birds, it’s so earthy. I love it.

  5. Hello Rosemary love the balance sketchbook pages the colours are beautiful and restful..like the sewing in the middle to hold the book together

  6. great page! I’m a fan of the greens and golds too. Thanks so much for joining in!!


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