How cool is this?

Created by Hand’s theme this week is “Waiting for Spring…” and I found this Shape photo collager online, which you can also download. The info came through in my Photojojo Newsletter – very cool! It started me thinking about Spring, etc.

I chose the heart shape using my own artwork, because soon it’ll be Valentine’s Day – the romantic time of spring and love and all that stuff!


Then I went and searched online for images of spring… and made this one! All images are courtesy of Bienenwabe – superb nature photos.

Circle of Spring

Aren’t they lovely? Bienenwabe kindly gave me permission to use these lovely photos, for which I am really grateful. So many beautiful flowers and bees, so perfectly photographed – do go visit the Photostream! It’s a sight for sore eyes…

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  1. yogiemp

     /  January 19, 2010

    very nice. Love the heart one.

  2. this is very cool!! the phots are really gorgeous, and I love the heart shape to them.

  3. So cool!! Love the heart shape.
    thank you for sharing the link.


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