Win an online class…

Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen are teaching an online mixed media class together. So exciting! And you have the chance to win a place for FREE… Go HERE and check out the video these very talented ladies have made.

I have taken 2 classes with Julie Prichard and found them fantastic: I learned a huge amount. Julie was constantly in the group, answering questions, supporting us all the way. The classmates were fab – we encouraged and egged each other on, pooled knowledge and (in some cases), resources, and I have made new friends too!

If you’ve been considering taking an online class, don’t hold back, here’s your opportunity, take it! Carpe diem and all that (Seize the Day!) You couldn’t start with a better teacher and what you learn will last you a lifetime! Yeah! 😉

PS – If you’re wondering why I’m not taking this class, but promoting it, I’ll tell you. Simply put, I can’t afford to take a class right now. If I could, it’d be this one!!

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