(Steam)Punkin’ Miss Edna May!

Gothic Arches – Guest hostess Martina – very talented and super-creative lady, chose Steampunk for us this week. Aha! It’s all a bit beyond me, really, although I do admire that style. I just have metal and a Victorian-style photo of Miss Edna May to share…

Steampunkin' Miss Edna May!

I always enjoy the challenge of stitching, but this was a bit tricky as it’s a metal snake-chain length… and I did manage to bend a needle – see the culprit watchface, bottom right? Really, the culprit was me, of course, sailing too close to the wind again!

I have been all day creating this arch due to the fact that I thought it’d be a good idea to rearrange areas of my creative space, mount some artwork for the Gallery AND complete (well, almost), an assemblage – also for the Gallery, all during the day!!

See, I just can’t settle at the moment. I have a pasta bake in the oven, DH is due home soon and then we have to pop out again to collect some odd bits of tackle that someone rang up about yesterday. Luckily, that’s locally in Bude, so we shan’t be out for long!

NB: Sometimes, when I look at what I’ve written, I realise why I’m tired!

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  1. Your steampunk arch is amazing, dear Rosie! I`m in awe of your creative mind! Love the compositions, image that you chose, and the whole creation is wonderful! I love it!

  2. Wow, Rosie, what a cool steampunk creation!! love your fantastic stitching 🙂 Awesome work!!


  3. This is amazing! It’s so inventive, creative, and beautifully done. Stitching snake chain is really beyond me!

  4. Yvonne

     /  February 21, 2010

    OMG, this is magnificent, Rosie!

  5. this is gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely fabulous!

  7. What wonderful art great job!!

  8. What an awesome arch, Girlfriend….fabulous stitching. Love the layout.

    Question…recall the message you sent me responding to mine re H.I.? Well, as you know I have been transferring files from Vista to the new HP Windows7. All is going fine but I lost my e-mail contents. Do you still have the message you sent back? If you do, please, please resend it. I recall parts of it but not all…Hugs, Gayle TIA

  9. great arch!! I love it….. i’m jamamakitty on wordpress, but Jeanne on Gothic arches!

  10. This is fantastic Rosie!

  11. This is incredible! I am in LOVE with the stitching you did. Perfect in every way….love, love, love! 🙂

  12. Lynn Stevens

     /  February 22, 2010

    how cool stitching metal into your arch! very creative!!!

  13. what an incredible arch!!! just fabulous!!

  14. What a splendid idea to stitch, even though you did bend a needle lol
    Love this arch

  15. Your combination of these diverse elements is intricate and cohesive, especially with the neutrals, pale blue, and rust color scheme. The steampunk look is a style I’ve never tried, Rosie, but your composition has definitely inspired me!

  16. Rosie..You must have “golden hands” !
    Is there anything that you can’t create ??

  17. Awesome creation! Totally Sweet! A thumbs up for SURE!

  18. What a fab creation … I totally love it!

  19. Awesome really amazing I was lookinf for a little led to turn on,,,,,,hahahhahahaa I love it,,,,,,,,,



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