Meanwhile… ACF#63

Rian provided Art Creations Friday with a brilliant pic to use this week… so I had a play with it in Photoshop while I was listening to a LIVE, FREE watercolour class with Molly Murragh!!









Here’s what I did:

Helga Hoppentrotters

Credits: Rian – main image (Freubel-art); Kimmie – Digital Whispers (chequered block); Dover – (Birds); Background – a past ACF background, manipulated by me!! The flower brush was a Dover image I converted into a brush…

Thanks for the giggles and fun-filled inspiration Rian!! 😉

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  1. Now it’s my turn to laugh
    Hoppentrotter ??? LOL
    What a name Rosie ! Bravoooo

  2. Its gorgeous, love the background

  3. fantastic Rosie!!!

  4. Sandy

     /  February 27, 2010

    Oh wow Rosie this is fabulous.

  5. Really fantastic!!!

  6. Wowow so great with a stunning background! I love the colors you’ve used, super!

  7. Phoebe

     /  March 5, 2010

    This is great! Love the moniker you have given this interesting creature–Hoppentrotter is perfect, lol! Great elements and colors too. =)


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