Leo’s girls…

And art words for Theme Thursday – means I had a lovely excuse to make a set of ATCs this evening. It’s been one of those weeks – whirlwind, mad, annoying, aggravating, etc. etc.

Word stamps are from MaVinci and the ladies, (Leo’s girls), is from Cherry Pie Artstamps – I won one of Marina’s OWOH giveaways!! Lucky me! I made these (More to follow), while I was waiting for another set to dry… they are Vilene tiles. When I have finished them I’ll share the technique or recipe or method, which was quite fun!

The grey coloured thread on the top is real hemp!

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  1. beautiful creation! love your new stamps!

  2. Very nice work. Like the way you used this stamp. Greetings Ineke

  3. I will have to check out those wonderful new stamps- these are fantastic ATC’s – really lovely work Rosie!

  4. Love it, love the little touches of colour!

  5. absolut great! Oh I have to buy thosse Da VInci Woman… it´s Cherry Pie …… my next shopping tour will bring me this fantastic stamp!



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