Lovely post today!

This morning the Postie is my friend, just for a change! He  brought 2 lovely items for me today: An original, handpainted postcard from Kitty, in Slovenia…

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade - with an umbrella"

Isn’t it gorgeous? You can almost smell the slices! There’s a lovely iridescent quality to the paint that didn’t scan well, but it’s lovely and I’m so very happy to have a postcard from you Kitty! Thank you!

The other lovely thing that arrived was a new (to me), stamp sheet from Ria – Home Impressions. I have a couple of submissions that require an oriental touch and strangely, I don’t own any Oriental stamps, so I asked Ria if I could have The Orient to create with. Look what she has sent me…

Orient Plate from Home Impressions, NL

I am so excited, I can’t wait to cut them out and get stamping. I LOVE getting new stamps to use, don’t you. I’m definitely a stash-stroker too and I love the feel of fabrics… oh dear, I am becoming a rambling Rosie today!! ‘Tis but the smell of new red rubber!! Also, check out the Home Impressions Card Ideas Blog… some great cards, etc. that we have used these lovely stamps to create with.

By the way, I have been thinking about giving more back to the Blogging Community in a practical way. I don’t want to start another blog, but once a week, I thought I’d like to answer any questions or explain a technique or a how-to for anyone who wants to know about my creative proceses in detail. It’ll be a kind of “Ask Rosie…” type of post, every week.

I just thought that seeing I have learned so much in the last 3 and a half years of art blogging, I’d love to be able to share,  freely, anything you’d like to know. If I don’t know, can’t answer or no longer use a particular technique/product, etc., then I’ll make it my mission to find out for you! How’s that?

Just leave me a comment here on my blog or email me to ask a question. If you want to remain anonymous, rest assured I won’t give you away. Otherwise, I’ll post your name and blog address so people can visit you… A nice exchange of traffic and ideas.

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  1. Thank you again for the swap! (And I snitched the image from your blog to replace that crappy photo I took of it 😉


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