Accidents happen and I love it!

Sounds weird, right? I have been surrounded by altered game pieces and bamboo tiles, making pins and pendants to take to Tintagel next month, and frankly, I enjoy the creative process, but save me from the display and packaging! I am getting better though…

Anyway, I had various pendants stuck on sticks drying out and this little one was all on its own and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I’d coloured the text with leftover alcohol inks (nothing is safe if the felt is still wet!), and decided to stamp an image on it. I have also been making a pin or pendant for my lovely friend – an excellent lampwork beader and jewellery maker. She loves that I am messy, grungey and very ‘free’ with my designs and artworks, because she is the complete opposite! Lyn is neat, traditional, a perfectionist and could never, ever work like me! Needless to say, we get on really well.

She has been helping me to ‘finish’ my wearable artlings off properly (nicely!), so that they are (even) more desirable. She has given me findings and shown me how to use them properly and I have been most patiently ‘finishing’ off pendants properly with little ends and clasps and linky things… They look good, too! Back to the little pendant that is all mine now…

Inwardly talking

See the little dots? Those are gorgeous silver microbeads, dropped onto the gloss coating as it’s still wet. The stamped image is one of my favourites by Cherry Pie. I use them a lot when I am altering dominos, etc. Now look at the back of this one though, and see if you can see what I did wrong…


Yes! I stamped her upside down! But, when wearing this pendant (which I am as I type), if I flip it round, I can read “waiting” perfectly well!I don’t think that it would be much of a selling point to anyone who wasn’t as odd as I am though, so this one’s a keeper for me! Sadly, I only have one more strand of the dark pewter coloured snake chain left. The rest of my pendants will probably be on leather now, or veggie-cord!

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