Lovely post!

Good vibrations...

Postie brought me a gorgeous postcard that I won in Mary’s Postcard/Blog Giveaway. We found each other’s blog via Kitty in Slovenia, with whom I also swapped a postcard recently. Such fun! Kitty has already received her postcard from me, so I can show you what I sent her…

Feathered, stitched and sandwiched!

I had so much fun creating this postcard!! I think Kitty was surprised that it was sewn, but I think the fun part is the feather tucked into the pocket, which sort of created itself!!

Well, it’s grey and miserable here today, so I am going to strip the beds, clip the dogs and make more stuff! I have made lots of stuff in the past few weeks and good job too – as I seem to have gained another couple of days work, plus my Tutor Training Course. It’s going to be a busy few months!!

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  1. fab fab fab blogging since i was here last rosie,

    your garden fairies are lovely i have seen them in real life.

    your post card for martina os way wicked love it esp the beatles.

    thanks for sharing.

    i finally got my fg atc ‘s made 🙂

    have a great weekend

    chriss x

  2. Rosie, you are so welcome for the card. The card you made for Kitty is feathery and cute!


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