To tell you the truth…

…I had illusions that my style and my art had really changed significantly in the last 12-18 months. I used to believe that looking back at previous artwork gives you a sense of your journey, your artistic evolution, etc. So for this week’s Open Theme at Gothic Arches, I decided to revisit some of the arches I have so enjoyed making.

Imagine my surprise when I came across these two…

"Jolly hockey sticks"

This was loosely based on my old Grammar school – The Green School for Girls (pronounced gels !!), in Isleworth, Middlesex – green flannel knickers for PE and sports… and of course, the tiny bell rings!! It probably came off a chocolate bunny!! 😉


I don’t know exactly when I created this one, but I stitched that by hand – not in my nature to suffer, so maybe before I won my sewing machine!

This shows me that the style, or what makes my artwork mine, hasn’t changed all that much, I just find it easier to use all the techniques that I have learnt and I probably incorporate a lot more layers these days, but I haven’t changed much, have I? *grins*

Both of these have handmade backgrounds, a bit of paint, grunge, stitching, staples and dymo… and humour (but that’s always present)! If you have a look at my sidebar, I have been adding links to some excellent blogs I keep discovering – I can’t say “randomly”, because The Universe doesn’t roll that way, does it? It’ll come as no surprise that quite a few are mixed media and fiberarty!

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  1. Both are soo beautiful!!!


  2. Loved your arches! Love the bell and what your did on the top of your arches(Gorgeous!) both.

  3. WOW….I adore what you did for BOTH these arches and the stories behind them. Your work is exceptional!

  4. I like both but the green is really jazzy!

  5. These are both stunning, I really love the first one,it has a great feel to it and the second seems so romantic. Thanks for sharing.


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