House of rhinestones…

Dans ma maison, il y a … “Rhinestones” this week (well, on Friday!) and I was so taken with the little example house, it inspired me to try my hand at making domino-houses. I created four altogether, 3 with heaps of texture and one with just a hint, in my favourite colours – purple and sea green…

Full House?

Here are a couple of close-ups…

Less textured

And a little more here…

They took a few days to complete and now I am going to turn them into pendants. Have to find some pretty bales I think…

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  1. These are wonderful, Rosie!! I love your deep, rich colors and the wonderful texture! They’ll make beautiful pendants!! XOXO

  2. Hi Rosie, Thanks for visiting! I love these and how are you cutting your dominoes in half? Really cute/ XXMollye

  3. I like these…what a great idea! Show us what they look like as pendants.

  4. Rosie these are fabulous and so unusual… a full house of gorgeous colours… amazing!!
    Have a great Easter
    Chris xx

  5. Nice texture and colors, beautiful work ! 🙂

  6. elvira

     /  April 9, 2010

    wow, how pretty!!!!!

  7. magnifique maison, bravo!!


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