GA – Tag…

This week Nancy, (Gothic Arches),challenged us to make mini-arches and put them onto tags! Okay!! Still stitching, mixed media-style, here’s mine:

The arch is cut from the fabric/paper quiltie, attached with the oversewn net to the handpainted tag (from last year!!). I have been playing with glass cabochons over text, so I added one to the tag to see if I like the effect. I used red metallic thread to stitch round the netting, which looks really cool IRL – shame it doesn’t really show on the scan… ah well!

I’m off to work now, but happily I have Monday/Tuesday free for gardening, errands and car washing, provided the weather holds. I have to take advantage of getting the house in order while the weather’s good and I have a little time off – don’t we all?!

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  1. Love how your doing your tag it gorgeous!

  2. Love all the stitching here…fabulous tag!

  3. Oh my, what a lovely, lovely tag! Big applause!

  4. great blend of textures and techniques!!

  5. wow! that’s stunning Rosie, love the idea too of mini arches, very cool.

  6. Your mixed media work is sooooo beautiful Rosie… love your arch tag…what a special piece.

    Chris xx

  7. love your tag Rosie…the texture is AMAZING! 🙂

  8. Love the tag Rosie – great detail and love the colours

  9. That’s one fabby textured tag!

  10. great tag! wonderful sewing and stiching!love the fabrics!!!

  11. You sure are making the best use of your sewing machine, Rosey…the pieces you are turning out are awesome…creating the arch with stitching is one of the most clever things you have done…what fun. Hope all is well…miss you. Hugs, Gayle.


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