The Three Muses challenge this week is to incorporate or use maps in your artwork. I started off deciding that I wanted to use the new sheet of stamps (The Orient) I received from Ria of Home Impressions a couple of weeks ago and raided my old School Atlas, ripping out the map of the main part of Japan… I’ve used 3 of the images from that sheet and they’re all gorgeous!

Turning Japanese!

I have stitched almost everything, apart from the coin, to this piece of corrugated cardboard. It’s some sort of packaging because I didn’t make the hole in the upper part – it was already there! The chap riding the Koi Carp is about 4″x3″, stamped onto inked book text (The Pool of Tears chapter from an old Alice in Wonderland!). The ginko flowers are stamped onto some patterned scrapbook paper and the branch is stamped straight onto the fabric at the bottom.

I kept adding bits to this collage and I still wasn’t happy with it because it was all stitched in blue. It needed more colour, so I changed to orange cotton and added an orange flower too! Because the paper is all stitched onto the background, the map has rucked up in places and looks puffy – or as DH said, “Contoured!” It’s a very tactile piece and I’m quite pleased with the end result.

Off to work for the rest of this week, having done a considerable amount of work in the garden today, due to the glorious sunshine we’ve had in Cornwall for the past few days… I have probably overdone it, as my back is pretty sore, but you have to make the most of it here when it’s good weather!! 🙂

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  1. Well I’m very disappointed you didn’t stitch the coin on. What’s wrong with you? Gone all lazy have you? Tee Hee! Seriously though, very lovely piece and I think the flower (lotus?) sets it off perfectly. I love maps. Regrettably I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t done much art this last week or so. Tomorrow I’m not working but have small boy and his friend to entertain all day!

    • You’re so funny!! I am trying my best, despite working 5 days a week now, to maintain some creativity… I do get that it ain’t easy!! Enjoy the boys! 😉

  2. Another fantastic collage, Rosie, you’ve made it come together so beautifully!

  3. johanna

     /  April 14, 2010

    everything combines so perfectly – love all the stitching!

  4. Great collage and beautiful stitching.

  5. Sandy

     /  April 14, 2010

    OMG stunning fabric art.
    Wonderful work. Love it.

  6. Beautifull piece, love all the details, it’s like a little journey!

  7. taluula

     /  April 14, 2010

    I have roamed all over this wonderfully intricate and special piece Rosie and absolutely love it. You were right to add some orange stitching and the flower as it adds perfect composition to the whole thing. Standing O from me.

  8. Fabulous piece and stitching, Rosie!

  9. Cool stitching and so much to look at here!!


  10. Another wonderful stitched creation- this is a special piece Rosie- love this!

  11. Hi Rosie, Well, this is right after my own heart, as you would know, having seen my book 🙂 Love the stitching! You are right on about the orange, it complements and pulls the collage together well. ~Sharon

  12. It seems you had better luck in your garden that I did, Rosie! This piece is so creative and artistic. I wish I could watch you complete a piece. I picture you as being somewhat like the Mad Professor, adding this and that on the way to brilliance!!
    (….and I’m left to wonder what stitched up means in the UK)

  13. barnie

     /  April 14, 2010

    Fantastic stitching, the orange blossom is a wonderful eye catcher.

  14. Such wonderful detail… so much to look at and all of it stunningly beautiful.

    I miss doing fabric work… really need to do some more, yours is so inspirational.

    Chris xx

    p.s. glad you are going to take part in my little challenge too… good luck 😀

  15. Rosie, I am just picking my jaw off the ground! What an amazing piece of art. It is sensational and I love it. Everything you do is such a Rosie Originale. You obviously have a mind like a jar of worms (as we say, so delicately, here in Oz) – a mind which is always working on how best to wander outside the frame. I am willing to bet that you are a very interesting and entertaining person to know.


  16. Hi Rosie…I love it…and now I have that song in my head…

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  17. One of the things I like about your work Rosie, is how you can take anything and make it fresh and new! I love the composition of this piece, with the map set diagonally across the middle. Beautifully done!! All of it!!

  18. This is a creative idea Rosie! I like this a lot.

  19. Love what you have done with the Asian sheet, Rosie…this is an excellent piece of fabric art…as always, beautifully created.


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