A very welcome day of rest today. I am making the most of it as I usually work on Sunday afternoon/evening, so today is a treat to be enjoyed! The weather is lovely here too and the garden beckons, although my back is still protesting from last week’s excesses.

Sunday Postcard Art today is all about Spring(time) and it is my favourite season. Generally the weather is kinder, not too hot, buds and shoots, birds, flowers and babies abound (and I hope my old cat falls off the shed where he’s watching nests in nearby trees…)

Here’s my entry – “Love is…”, made from scraps of odd fabric stitched together and a lovely fabric transfer from my blogging buddy Annette in Oz. I have stamped a flower on it and “make every day one to remember” along the bottom. I’ve stamped and heat set the fabric and the clear plastic – yes, it didn’t melt, and you don’t find these things out unless you point the heat gun  at them, do you? *giggles*

If you click on the image you can see it in more detail. I think I am trying to see if you can achieve, by layering fabric and paper, a similar depth to a collage that is painted. I so enjoyed learning about layering paint, adding and taking away, covering elements and leaving others visible, that I find myself pushing the envelope with these fabric collages too.

Right, I am off to shower, have breakfast, do a little gardening and see about recycling/refashioning some clothes to increase my wardrobe for the summer ahead! Here’s the wrist cuff I have been labouring over – I think it’s finished, what do you think? 😉

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  1. Fabulous postcard, Rosie. And the wrist cuff is great!

  2. What an amazing piece of fabric art, dear Rosie! So beautiful and perfect!

  3. Sandy

     /  April 18, 2010

    Wow standing ovation from me Rosie to your amazing fabric art. Stunning work.

  4. Both look absolutely great

  5. Rosie, you sure know how to fill every unforgiving minute, don’t you? Up and at art early. Such a beautiful and romantic postcard. You are fearless with the heat gun and tread where lesser persons might fear to tread. I admire your ability to navigate the fabric arts so beautifully. The wrist cuff is lovely; I love lace on art.

  6. taluula

     /  April 18, 2010

    Rosie my friend, I look forward to your pieces because every one is beautiful but more than that I can’t wait to know the process too. You are one talented lady.

  7. Geez, Rosie–Everything on this blog is amazing!!!! Talent personified! And you inspire me!!

  8. Gorgeous fabric pieces, Rosie.
    At last, spring is here!

  9. Great collage!

  10. So lovely Rosie!

  11. Lovely Springtime piece my friend,. I love it!!!

  12. You’re certainly having lots of fun creating your stunning pieces, Rosie, hope your Spring is kind to you after the long Winter!

  13. This is just dazzling!!! I love it…and your cuff is beautiful!

  14. Just beautifull!!!!!!

  15. I can see you’re having fun with this!! Wonderful work!!


  16. Your postcard is wonderful, Rosie – full of joy and life and springtime. Your wristcuff is sensational too!! I love your fabric artwork.

  17. Rosie, your postcard is fantastic! I will definitely have to come back and check out more of your work – looks like you have some very interesting ideas! Love the “melons” pin etc for example!

    Cindy 🙂

  18. Very nice!


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