MMM- “Look what I found!”

Our beloved Diane has chosen to use found objects in her artwork this week and thrown down the gauntlet… (for Mixed Media Monday). Well, being the Queen of repurpose and upcycle in my house, I have picked it up!

I alter game pieces like dominos and Jenga blocks to make wearable art – and they’re fun pieces, nine out of ten times someone will comment on what I am wearing or maybe just look at me strangely! But, apart from recycling those game pieces, the adorning is where all the “found” objectry (have I just written that?!), comes into its own. Here are 4 little block-pins:

'Foot High Melons!'

Good job they aren’t leg-high melons, eh? Image from Ten Two Studios.


A piece of recycled necklace put to good use!

A little shoulder action...

Lots of very old hymn sheet torn up and some more repurposed jewellery I found at a car boot sale! The rounds are from Digital Collage Sheets.


A manly pin stamped with an image from Paper Artsy, and liberal use of found beads and copper wire found in a friend’s husband’s tool-haven (shed!).

Off topic here: Is anyone else a Michael MacIntyre fan? Does your DH have a Man-Drawer???

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  1. johanna

     /  April 19, 2010

    rosie, i will steal this idea!! it is too good!!

  2. Fantastic!!

  3. Rosie, these are fantastic!!! love the first one!! great entry!

  4. Such creative pieces. Inspiring!

  5. Love your fantastic creative piece.

  6. Rosie love your game pieces they are wonderful made, what a great idea.

  7. I absolutely adore the Bird-man one!

  8. mixedmediamonday

     /  April 23, 2010

    Oh, Rosie – these are all amazing – love them all! And the term “found objectry” is now firmly placed in my vocabulary, grin! Diane

  9. These are awesome! Love everyone of them 🙂


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