Could it be magic?

In keeping with the current theme at Sunday Postcard Art this weekend… a handpainted, drippy, watercolour background which I have stamped on and then digitized. I used poster edges as my filter of choice today and then added the strong (Dover images) butterfly brush:

Could it be magic?

Of course now I have Barry Manilow in my head for the morning at least! Lol!!

I am now going to get dressed, have breakfast and finish off making my first art journal – “Kelly Kilmer style!” I know that I shall have plenty to write and collage in the coming months, as great changes are afoot at home… 😉

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  1. Lovely colourful card, Rosie, love the butterfly brush!

  2. taluula

     /  July 18, 2010

    Oh you have me hooked now with the changes afoot at your home. Your postcard is beautiful Rosie, such rich and wonderful colours. Bravo.

  3. Sandy

     /  July 18, 2010

    So ao beautiful Rosie.

  4. wonderful postcard

  5. Beautifully done, Rosie, and it conveys magic very well. Can’t wait to hear about the changes on the home front. It sounds like they’re positive ones!

  6. Wow Rosie, this is spectacular! Love your background, and the addition of the white images is stunning and very magical indeed.

    Cindy 🙂

  7. What a wonderful and creative postcard!!!

    Oh no, now I’m going to have that song on my mind now.

  8. hello Rosie,

    thanks for your comment on Pinkepinke 🙂

    The stencil was one I bought in the UK !
    In april my friend and I came to the craftshow in London : what a treat !!!

    One of the last things I grabbed there was the flower frenzy stencil of The crafters workshop. They had several and in different sizes (9×9 and 12 x 12) and I’m sorry I didn’t bought more of them.
    The stencil is really thin and works perfect with paint, but with ink it’s so easy to do. I used this stencil in several of the “about love” round robin books and I try to use it every time in a different way.

    Have a look for their stencils here : There you can see who’s selling them in the UK.

    I love your background you used here : dripping is fun ! I learned this at the online workshop of Julie Prichard past summer.
    I love it to use handmade backgrounds in digital collages.

    I also like the postcardcollage you show in one of your previous posts. I did sewing a few times on paper, but had some trouble sewing on painted canvas. I wanted to do a freestyle stitching but that didn’t work very good. The canvas didn’t want to move under my machine 😦 Maybe I used a wrong setting or the wrong needles…
    I can sew if I use my regular setting and do almost straight lines. Do you have more experience with this ?

    greetings from belgium

  9. Beautiful and enchanted – very creative design and color!

  10. I love the colours, the stripes and swirls and general composition of your postcard, Rosie. I also look forward to seeing your work in your journal.
    Mind you, I hadn’t thought of the Barry Manilow song until I read your post, so I won’t be thanking you when I am singing it all evening!!!

  11. This is lovely Rosie, I love your colours and your black swirls (I don’t know if they are stamped or if this is part of your digitalisation – is that a word lol) x

    • Heehee! The swirls are stamped on Sue… and digitisation is a weird word, right? ‘o)

  12. I love your magical butterflies!
    Love that song too – heehee!

  13. Beautiful work Rosie!


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