The Diary Project 2011

I am taking part in Judy B’s Diary for Artists Project 2011. Here’s what she writes:

“If you are an artist, crafter, photographer, musician, poet… and if you promote your art by the web, you can be part of this project.
It is free and it is an opportunity for you to have a free publicity, with no obligation of purchase.”

The call for the last few pages came from my Creative Souls newsletter, and this is the 4th year the project has been running. It’s such a cool idea and I am lucky I got to submit a page in time. I asked to reserve a page yesterday and today there are no spaces left! Anyway, here’s my page…

Season of Life...

This is the fourth year the project has run and it was fascinating to look at some of the previous years’ pages… I’m pretty sure I shall be buying a few of these for next year – who could resist?

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  1. What a terrific idea! I’d love a calendar with your artwork in it!! I’ll have to go to that website and see how to get one!! Very exciting Rosie! Good for you!!

    • I can’t believe you’re not in it too, Barbara… you gotta get on board next time!

      And thank you for the compliment! xo


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