That’s this week’s theme at Sunday Postcard Art…

Friendship needs no words...

I’ve been doing a lot of paper collaging in my art journals lately and feeling the need to reconnect with fabric, thread and my sewing machine. Yet, I used a scrapbook paper base on vilene (it had a branch and a birdie on it, which gave me the initial theme idea…), added a blue felt owl, which I padded a little as I was stitching him to the base.

I cut the little bird out, made a small “ruffled” nest for it from a scrap piece of lining fabric, stitched that on and added a recycled fabric leaf. I only sew enough of these to attach them – gives them more dimension! I stuck birdie on with a few glue dots and then couched wool as a border. I feel better now!!

The art journalling is really therapeutic. I am following templates, sticking torn and cut papers down, making shapes, finding focal images and exploring the fun side of it. It’s interesting how much mess you can make with paper and a glue stick!!  Having said that, I disliked the inside cover of my little journal enough to get out the paints and a sponge and play with punchinella. It’s much more grunged now and I’m a lot happier!

I covered about 8 or 9 pages yesterday evening and started thinking about journals I will make where I focus on a colour or a theme; fabric journals; mixed media journals; a black and white journal… fascinating! I am starting to explore my penmanship too, because I am a scrawler – always in a hurry to write things down!

If you want to see any of these pages, check out my Flickr photostream which is where I add them, when I’m not blogging them! This is also where I get my mini cards made from – Moo.com use my Flickr images to create little tiny business cards… so cool! It’s like having a miniature portfolio and when I can afford to, I shall have postcards made aswell, so I can send them to friends!! 🙂

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  1. What an amazing owl piece, Rosie!

  2. It’s awesome, dear Rosie! I’m just amazed at your creativity and your fabric creation 🙂 BRAVO

  3. johanna

     /  July 25, 2010

    you know i love sewing… and the idea with the fiber sewn upon the card is just great!

  4. Sandy

     /  July 25, 2010

    Wow this is great.
    Gorgeous sewing owl.

  5. Your fabric wizardry is amazing, Rosie. AND, your head seems to be filled with creative ideas. You’re on a roll! You go, girl!

  6. That is so sweet Rosie! You really have a way with fabric. Great card.

    Cindy 🙂

  7. barnie

     /  July 25, 2010

    The quote is really true, love your blue fabric owl.

  8. Perfect collage, Rosie!

  9. Rosie, this is fabulous! I love your use of fabric and all the texture that creates!

  10. yasmindeboo

     /  July 26, 2010

    Wonderful fabric art.

  11. I love your fabric collages, Rosie. They are always so unique and whimsical and CLEVER. This one is no exception. Fabulous.

  12. amy

     /  July 28, 2010

    awww, so adorable..such a clever looking fabric owl..you did well with your owl for SPA.

  13. I love your fabric collage…..so sweet with the bird nest


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