Text Messaging

As Michelle would say… “How cool is that?!” I created a page this evening in my altered girls’ journal, scanned it into my PC and then went browsing, wondering if the latest Crusade (No. 43), had been posted yet. Imagine my surprise when I found it was there and all about using found text in your pages…

Although there’s no pressure to show a completed page along these lines, I have this one ready, so here it is!


I’m a sci-fi fan, always have been, ever since I read “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov. I don’t read as many books in the genre these days, but I love watching series like Fringe, Warehouse 13, etc. I recently watched the new J.J. Abram’s film Star Trek and enjoyed it hugely. That’s what prompted this page’s images, which I found whilst tidying up the lounge! The text is words I cut from a library bookmark – also found whilst tidying! Serendipitous I believe…

I shall have fun trying the linear style of texting shown by Michelle in the coming days. If you’ve never tried a Crusade before, please check it out – they’re fun, friendly and eye-opening!

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  1. synchronicity! HCIT indeed! thanks for the supportive words about the crusade rosie, and for sharing your use of text on this page. love the deep blue and all the textures too.

  2. what a nice surprise it must have been for you to discover you’d already done the crusade without knowing it!! Love the strong colours and all those dots.

  3. This is wonderful, Rosie. Love your background and the use of the text. Look forward to seeing your linear style next.

  4. Awesome as always, Rosie ! Love the space age blue with your scifi characters. I was just gathering some text pieces to play along…
    You do the Crusade proud !

  5. Great colour – I love that shade of dark blue makes the other images stand out nicely!

  6. Luscious page!!
    I also have loved SF for years, and am not nearly caught up with all that’s going on in the genre, but I loved Abrams’s Star Trek and think this is groovy. I may even Grok it… not sure yet!

    the colors are great. Thanks for playing!

  7. Stunning page…. such a great background too.


  8. Great page, very exciting, it tells a story, I think.

  9. A truly dynamic page and I love the colours!

  10. Science fiction can be such a rich mix with journaling. I love the combination of question words and images blended in with the space colors. Great synchronicity, indeed!

  11. Super textures and colour!

  12. I love the deep blue and the faces! Very cool effect. (I’m a sci-fi fan too) 🙂

  13. I love that you used a library bookmark – I knew we gave those things out for a reason and art’s as good a reason as any 😉

  14. Wuhu! Very cool and very nice! Love the colour as well as the stamping.

  15. Really intense. Good choice of words and I love the white bits.

  16. wonderful page and use of text!

  17. Beautiful, strong colours and I love the Sci-fi theme – a favourite of mine, too. Great words, too.

  18. Love your page, the wonderful colors, great collage with matching words !

  19. I really love this page – the colours and the text and images and it all hangs together so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.


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