GPP Crusade#43 revisited – Text Messaging

There have been some fab entries on this subject, including 2 videos by Christy – Dream Big Art Journal. I think her style is awesome!

I wanted to play with blocks of text cut from magazines, like Red, Tatler, etc. but which weren’t overtly all about fashion… Here’s the before:


You can read this different ways, but it emerges as being all about me! (My mate Tess would say, “Me, me me…!!!” to me and we’d both giggle helplessly while lesser mortals look on in astonishment!), but I digress. Now here’s the after:

Mommy Dearest is fading...

I merely added floating flowers in various colours – yes, I am at last learning to use pens other than black and white when I doodle! I was going to get out my Neos (as usual), but I didn’t want the stuck down text to get wet, warp, etc., so I used a charcoal pencil and a paper stump for smudging instead. Also, my Sharpie Poster paint pens are running out and I have to seek an alternative as I can’t get them here in the UK… 😦

There are over 30 entries to this month’s Crusade, so get over there and be inspired. Better still, have a go yourself! (It must be fun – I usually only submit once!)

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  1. Rosie – how fun that had another go at text messaging. This is such a different look than your first piece. Love the boldness of the plain text, and how you made it your own by adding your drawn bits on top. Bravo!

  2. Great page. When you say you can’t get Sharpie poster pens in the UK – do you mean the standard Sharpies? If you do – OMG – move countries 😉

  3. Beautiful page, I love the final result !

  4. Nicely done Rosie, and doodled away. Nothing wrong with a page about ME. We often neglect that important subject.

  5. fabricfan

     /  August 31, 2010

    What a fun piece with the addition of flowers. Super


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